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We are law firm SEO experts who know what your potential clients search in Google, what questions they ask, and the tone required to keep someone on the page and engaged in your content.

What is SEO?

SEO is a set of techniques designed to help a website rank higher in search engines by increasing the website’s visibility on relevant keywords. This refers mainly to Google but it also applies to Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines. SEO helps consumers find your practice when they’re looking for specific types of services like “Portland Divorce Lawyer.”

The right SEO agency will craft an entire SEO strategy around your targeted keywords, not give you a generic plan that could have been made for any company.

This is important for family law attorneys because consumers are looking for them during a time when they need compassionate guidance and representation, not someone who will send them down a potentially harmful path of self-representation.

SEO helps you stand out from the competition and increase visibility to potential clients. They’re looking for your services while their emotions are running high and they’re most likely not thinking clearly about which lawyer to hire.

Benefits of SEO for Family Law Attorneys

The benefits of SEO are obvious: increased web traffic, which leads to increased referrals and new clients. Every SEO campaign is different, but SEO for family law lawyers can include everything from simple SEO best practices to more complex strategies.

As an established company, we know the ins and outs of SEO for attorneys. We’ve spent years perfecting SEO best practices that work for family law lawyers at any type of practice, or even solo practitioners.

Having the right SEO agency partner is integral to success. Our SEO experts are true digital marketing professionals who work in-house and possess extensive knowledge of SEO for family law attorneys. We can craft a master strategy specific to your needs.

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and your SEO strategy should be tailored to your unique practice.

How We’re Different From Other SEO Companies

Divorce is rated as the second-most stressful event that may happen in one’s life, second only to the death of a spouse or child. We understand the time and emotion that goes into hiring a divorce attorney or family law attorney.

That’s why our tone is less righteous and aggressive and more compassionate and patient – we know what your potential clients are looking for.

As a family law attorney, your job is to make this transition as painless and stress-free as possible. Your tone and brand must reflect expertise, honesty, empathy, and persistence. Whoever your client will be, they will rely on you to keep a level head during this tumultuous time in their life.

Our Family Law SEO Results

Here are some examples of the amazing SEO work we’ve done for our clients. We’ve brought rankings from multiple pages back in Google search results into top positions. Our carefully strategized content strategy, link building, and consistent fresh material helped one of clients begin dominating family law terms in their market.


family law seo

As you can see, these organic rankings have translated to significantly more website traffic for this same Louisiana-based firm. We’ve seen these results time and time again, and we know how to make them work for your family law practice as well.

seo for family law

Our Approach

Legal Content Writing Services

We create SEO-optimized content that includes the important keywords your potential clients are searching for. Our SEO copywriting techniques take into account other websites in your industry and adjust our approach accordingly to ensure we’re producing high-quality, customized SEO content tailored to you and your practice.

We know that Google loves well-written and thorough content. That’s why we make sure that each piece of content on your website “pays its own way” so that it is supporting your website and not just sitting there taking up space.

Our evidence-based research relies on data, not assumptions. Each new EverSpark client has a detailed onboarding process where we learn about the preferences for your specific firm. We perform detailed keyword research by cross-referencing several important metrics including volume, keyword difficulty, and competitive density.

Our content is accurate, masterful, and not only answers the questions posed by your potential clients but also allows them to see the people behind the website with our thoughtful and compassionate tone.

Content Quality & Relevance

The only way to stay at the top of Google’s SEO game is to create SEO-optimized content that stays relevant for years, not months. Our SEO content creates value for your readers by providing them with actionable information they can understand and how to move forward with their lives.

We craft SEO-optimized blog posts every month to make sure your family law website has fresh and pertinent content. We also write high-quality unique content every month for lawyers and law firms in the form of FAQs, resources, guides, and case studies.

Our blog topics are highly searched and optimized to find clients in your specific geographical locations, so you aren’t wasting time weeding out non-qualified people. Every article we write is well-researched and backed by facts to give you a tone that is accurate and effective.

Our long-form SEO content educates our readers while delivering value to your SEO campaign. Google loves long-form content because it’s often more comprehensive. Google wants to be sure to guide potential clients onto the most informed websites for posed queries, and we are great at making that happen.

Link Building for Lawyers

Once we have an SEO strategy that’s ready to be implemented, it’s time for link building. Link building is the key to increasing the visibility of your website so that it ranks higher in search engines. SEO for family law attorneys requires quality, not quantity. We take our time to create high-quality links every month that provide value to the web page we are currently trying to rank.

We find trustworthy sources where your website can be referenced in the content before we reach out with a compelling pitch. We also perform SEO link audits to check the health of your current SEO campaign to determine what needs improvement, if any at all.

We build links from websites with authority in your industry, but we also consider the most relevant and highest quality websites that our SEO strategies will be reaching. We use tactics such as guest blogging, informational interviews, podcasts, white papers, and press releases.

Core Web Vitals & Technical SEO

Site navigation is incredibly important for Google to crawl your site successfully. We implement SEO copywriting techniques to optimize your site navigation. This means that keywords are prominent in titles, meta descriptions are curated per page, links accompany proper anchor text, and the language makes sense.

Google loves secure websites, too, so we make sure your website is SSL encrypted and HTTPS protocol compliant. Google gives you a search engine ranking advantage if you keep your site up to date with the latest security protocols.

We provide monthly SEO reports through your dedicated account manager with updates on how your website is performing, our progress, and future strategies, if applicable.

Google’s Core Web Vitals are incredibly important for SEO success. We make sure to check all SEO boxes including canonicalization, duplication of metadata, robots.txt setup, pagination issues, SEO title tags, SEO meta description tags, HTML validation compliance, and search engine compatibility.

We are experts at website design for lawyers, so we know how to not only make an attractive website, but one that functions optimally, is mobile-friendly, and pays for itself by pulling in organic traffic that turns into new clients for your family law firm.

Are you ready to invest in SEO for family law attorneys?

Contact EverSpark Interactive today to schedule an SEO consultation with one of our experts. Our SEO is ethical, white-hat, and built based upon proven research and studies that are backed by legitimate data.

You will never have to worry about Google algorithms changing because we use tactics that aren’t considered “spammy” SEO practices. We never take shortcuts, and we never recommend SEO services that are not in your best interest as a law firm SEO client.

Contact us today to learn more about our family law SEO services and solutions!

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Our team sets up high level strategies based on research and data, and then makes sure every tiny detail is looked at. No detail is too small in our SEO strategies. Attention to detail is what makes us tick at EverSpark. And it’s why we’re so effective
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