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New month, new changes. This according to Google in the latest blog post on the search engine's Inside Search blog. If you're an SEO, you can start breathing again - it's nothing too earth shattering (there's no Panda-scale change!). However, these changes are still significant for us to pay attention to. Usually, in some way shape or form, Google's algorithm changes and updates impact our SEO strategy. That's why it is so important to stay up to date with these changes and keep your eyes open for anything that may be changing in the industry (or changing the industry as a whole, as the

We all know blogging is really important – especially when it comes to abiding by Panda’s high-quality content requirements. Now, we also know that the Google algorithm recently changed to value “freshness” highly – so blogging often on current events within your niche has become even more important (if that’s even possible).  And, since SEO is NOT dead (take that, Leo Laporte!), we think these plug-ins are ever more important.     Sometimes it takes more than just words to make your blog post shine. Sometimes it takes tools provided by your blogging platform!   7 Wordpress Plugins That Can Help Your SEO While blogging is effective, having some

Three studies released this week reveal the importance of holistic SEO strategies in a post-Panda (times 5) search engine landscape. One study revolves around video trends, and another touches on how people retrieve information in their localities. The third focuses on social media and how virality and views of a post can vary across the popular platforms.   Broaden Your Site’s Reach with Videos When we talk about holistic SEO strategies, we mean well-rounded ones suited for all facets of interactive marketing. Not just SEO so that your site looks good to Google, but SEO that makes your site marketable and attractive to potential customers (and

It can be difficult sometimes to remove our SEO “hats” and understand how the search marketing industry is viewed by others. Though SEO’s importance to the marketing world has only increased since its nascence, many discount it as ineffective or not worth their time. To counter this belief, here are some reasons why small businesses need SEO to improve their marketing efforts.   Small Businesses Need SEO For small businesses, any competitive edge in today’s technological world can increase revenue. However, getting this edge can be difficult, especially when it comes to converting website visitors into new customers. That’s why it is important for business owners

The Webmaster Tools and Analytics integration is here after nearly four months as a limited beta release. In June, Google introduced this new type of reporting, which takes take information from Webmaster Tools’ Search Queries Data and brings them to Google Analytics to provide an easy to access report about important factors for a site’s SEO.       In our June 7th blog post, “Google Announces New Pilot: SEO Reports with Analytics,” we talked about the promise of these new reports, noting that they would be able to provide detailed data which webmasters could use to build more effective SEO strategies. We promised we would keep

More accurately, that title should read, “Search Engine Optimization: Tips for Keeping Your Rankings Up While Involved in An Evolving Process.” But that title was way too long, so we stuck with “Search Engine Optimization Tips” because that’s really what this blog post is about: tips for SEO in a post-Panda, ever-changing space. We’re going to talk a little bit about what will help your website and your business now, what is important at this very moment in SEO and what will likely continue to be important for at least the foreseeable future. And that important thing is branding, and the tips spring

On this blog, we have often discussed the importance of social media. The Google Caffeine update, after all, looked for a “wider footprint” from websites. Essentially, Google wanted to see outbound links on sites to active social media presences (like on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). This is how social media has affected us within our SEO bubble. But within our marketing bubble, we also recognize social media’s importance for branding and business in general. This is why a recent Pew Internet survey is essential for understanding just why social media is an integral part of any marketing (and even SEO) strategy. These adults are

As an Atlanta SEO Agency with a Video Project Manager and a green room on site, we never miss an opportunity to discuss the opportunities available to businesses through video production. With content becoming ever-more important with each Panda iteration run by Google (internationally, now!), many tend to focus on the writing portion of content and disregard the video component. However, a new survey reveals that a majority of Americans are on the video-sharing platforms, watching, laughing, learning and creating. This should be reason enough to take part in the YouTube Revolution. However, videos are also important because they can be just the ingredient

What do you use your cell phone for? As a mini-computer for in-depth internet searches? As a mobile camera? As an on-the-go gaming system? 83% of adults in America own some sort of cell phone – and we all use them for a variety of entertainment and utilitarian purposes. A Pew Internet survey released earlier this week (completed over the phone with a “nationally representative” group) revealed that text messaging and taking pictures are the two top mobile phone activities. What Else Does The Survey Reveal? The survey goes in-depth with exactly what that 83% of adults use their cell phones for. There were many interesting

Our Atlanta SEO Company emphasizes results. Our main goal is to achieve high rankings for each and every one of our clients. However, we are also experts in the field, as well as die-hard SEO fanatics. We live and breathe this stuff, and we are consistently learning and teaching all that the Search Engine Optimization world has to offer. This is why we love to speak at conferences (and we do so often) and blog; in fact, we try to compose meaningful posts on a daily basis, covering all that is going on within the industry, so that we may share the things