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We've talked before about the efforts Google is making to stop piracy and how it can affect your business, but we've never gone into what to do if your content does get pirated. Who do you call? Can you get it taken down? And do you need a lawyer? While online piracy is rampant, it's never been easier to take action against it. This is usually a simple DIY job that does not require an attorney. 3 Steps to Take if Your Content is Stolen There are several ways to deal with pirated content. Below we'll discuss the three simplest ones. These proceed from gentlest (and easiest) to most serious. You may or may

Google has been taking more anti-piracy measures, sometimes more than the copyright holders themselves These measures include spotlighting legitimate movie, TV show and music outlets, and pushing piracy outlets father down the listings. In essence, Google is making pirated media sites so hard to find that they may as well not be online. But how do they do that? The answer is, of course, an algorithm---in this case, a special update to their search algorithm appropriately nicknamed Pirate. This algorithm has been around since as far back as 2012, but received a major update in October 2014. Since then, it's had a major impact on the search results and made a measurable difference in the

"Internet" and "piracy" have become almost synonymous. The rise of high speed internet has made it possible to share videos, images, books and whole movies, with or without the creator's permission. But whose responsibility is it to fight back---the copyright owners, or the search engines? That question remains contentious, but Google has stepped up its efforts to crack down on piracy. The exact measures they use (and how well those measure work) are detailed in a full report by Danny Sullivan, using HBO's Game of Thrones as its case study. This issue is near to my heart, because when Season 4 debuted last year I was in Guanajuato, Mexico, and