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At EverSpark Interactive, we win because we work hard.

Moe Shahzad


"We hire bright, perceptive people with a natural problem-solving mentality, then we start them on an intense SEO course. This course allows new hires to learn SEO from our unique perspective and tunes each staff member to be on the same frequency. It’s a unique setup that’s helped EverSpark develop a culture of high-performing specialists with defined roles who will do anything for the success of their clients and fellow team members."


About EverSpark

EverSpark was founded in 2009 by 3 SEO experts who wanted to create an agency that placed a heavy emphasis on educating our clients on the complexities of Search Engine Optimization. Over the years SEO has changed dramatically and EverSpark has met all of the changes with an open mind toward adapting and reconfiguring our systems and processes so we can continue to meet and exceed our clients expectations.

It’s rare to hear of a 360 Digital Marketing Agency that leads with SEO, however, that’s exactly what EverSpark is. SEO continues to be our obsession, where there’s an algorithm there’s always going to be SEO. The eternal question that we continue to analyze, ponder and work to perfect is, “what do we have to do, every day to make sure our clients are in a strong position to take advantage of the Search Engines?”

The answer to that question is what sets us apart and is different for every campaign we create.


We Are Creative
Strategists & Analysts

As EverSpark’s CEO, Moe creates effective teams and drives results. Formerly our Chief Technical Officer, he brings creative, technical and operational expertise to bear on behalf of ESI’s clients. Moe has over fifteen years of experience in web development with a focus on user experience.


Moe Shahzad

Jordanna is a marketing professional specializing in legal services. She walks hand-in-hand with EverSpark’s law firm clients, clearly communicating high and low-level concepts and data insights. Through her knowledge of the industry, Jordanna is able to address pain points and develop customized SEO strategies that yield real results for each firm.

Director of Law Firm Marketing

Jordanna Kalkhof

Hayden establishes overarching strategies for clients in a variety of industries. She helps create proposals, pitch potential clients, and turn those proposals into month-to-month project plans to yield the best results. With a focus on interpersonal communication and data analysis, she tracks KPIs, reviews reports and aims to make complex concepts easy to understand.

Director of Marketing

Hayden Sellers

Lizzy Reese is a full stack software developer with a background in project management, and manages our dev team to ensure that all of our sites have clean code, are SEO friendly, and look great. She also oversees our site redesign projects to make your brand look the best it can online.

Director of Web Development

Lizzy Reese

Jim Stratton is EverSpark's director of paid search.

Director of Paid Search

Jim Stratton

Davis has a background in sales and a passion for customer service. He uses his work experience and top notch customer service to not only bring clients in, but to cultivate long lasting relationships while making their experience as smooth as possible.

Business Development Manager

Davis Hagen

Sarah Karwisch is a Content Strategist for all of our accounts, organizing content needs like copy, calendars, and flow of information. She specializes in producing quality content and making sure our communication channels and organization of clients goes smoothly. She makes sure your content is consistent, high quality, and intentional.

Director of Content

Sarah Karwisch

Emily is a logophile - a real lover of words. Her passions for reading, writing and SEO research brought her to EverSpark, where she is a copywriter and content analyst.

Content Producer

Emily Warner

A Creative Art Director with 15 years of experience and a background in a variety of mediums, Yasir is a visual storyteller driven by a need to understand and influence his audience. He has experience working in the areas of Branding, Web and Mobile User Experience and Interface design, photography, motion-graphics, advertising and graphic design.

Art Director

Yasir Wadood

An Account Executive specializing in PPC management, Jamie contributes to the success of client campaigns by promptly addressing their needs and delivering results through easy-to-understand data. By working closely with each client and supporting their unique goals, Jamie delivers first-rate customer satisfaction for each of EverSpark’s clients.

PPC Account Executive

Jamie Hallen

Cynthia is committed to finding business opportunities with different websites such as Forbes and local Chamber of Commerce. She links clients’ websites to reputable sources through outreach and establishes high authority backlinks via several programs. Her experience working at Peterbilt managing marketing/sales programs allows her to take outreach reporting to the next level.

Outreach Manager

Cynthia Murphy

As an account executive at EverSpark Interactive, Brianna combines her passion for finding digital marketing solution to perform detailed marketing research to assist in the development of marketing campaigns and strategies.

Account Executive

Brianna Udoye

With a dual degree in communications and psychology, Kat believes that communication is key. Using her background in both Account Management and SEO, she helps clients create and achieve their marketing goals, making sure they understand the process every step of the way.

Account Manager

Kat Smirnov

Stephen is an experienced relationship builder with a background in sales and marketing. He knows the importance of listening carefully to the needs of each client and works tirelessly to meet their business objectives through solutions from EverSpark.

Sales Representative

Stephen Brunson

Lauren graduated from Athens State University with a major in Business Management and a minor in Accounting. She has a passion for helping businesses and in her free time she likes to go to the lake and play with her dogs

Intake Manager

Lauren Jones

With a background in search engine research and analytics, Kristen is committed to the SEO team making sure clients' backlinks are organized to make sure they are set up for success now and in the future.

Outreach Specialist

Kristen Manego


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Don’t just take it from us.

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We have grown and evolved to work with the Google Algorithm to help our clients publish the most quality content to allow their website to rank in search results. We believe what makes a great agency is the ability to speak to all those these past changes in an honest and authentic way.
EverSpark Interactive, LLC, SEO Services, Atlanta, GA

What sets us apart from the competition is that we take the time to build personas, to truly understand our clients’ needs. By understanding your business and your unique challenges, we can create meaningful content that allows your brand to be seen and heard. When we build these authentic digital experiences, you engage users and make happy customers.

The job never ends because it’s 5:00 or a list has been completed, and a staff member is never just another paycheck to us. We function as a family, we support one another, help one another, listen, learn and grow together. Since our inception in 2009, our vision of delivering meaningful results in a transparent way has never wavered. This is what we’ve always done and will continue to do, no matter where industries trend, new tactics emerge or strategies take us.


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