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Send in the professionals. EverSpark Interactive’s marketing team will help you take AdWords and PPC by storm – and with measurable results.
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Jamie Hallen

PPC Account Executive

"At EverSpark, we are entrepreneurs at heart. That’s why we manage our client’s PPC spend as if it is our own money. Each of our clients have a tailored and customized approach because we know no two are alike. We understand the importance of clicks, impressions, and CTR, but know they mean nothing if the return does not exceed the investment."


We create winning
PPC strategies.

Pay-per-click is an important part of digital marketing campaigns, but it can be a massive drain on resources and budgets if done incorrectly. Rely on the experts at EverSpark Interactive to create a powerful and effective PPC campaign to complement your overall marketing strategy.

Contact our PPC experts today to learn more about how we can help you win at the paid search game.

Why PPC?

AdWords is perhaps the single most widely used online advertising platform. And for good reason: When a PPC campaign is setup properly, the pay-per-click traffic you get is almost like a license to print money. Luckily, this process does not require a lot of technical knowledge. With our help, AdWords is a no-brainer.
Directly Measurable
By using the best industry tools, your PPC campaign is easily measurable so you know just how much each site visitor costs.
Complements SEO
PPC can target keywords that are difficult to rank for otherwise, while also providing certain data that can help improve SEO.
Brand Building
PPC can act as a digital billboard for your brands. By being extremely visible, your business stays in potential customers’ minds.


Our Services

PPC Services & Strategies

Google Ads
By using the best industry tools, your PPC campaign is easily measurable so you know just how much each site visitor costs.
Target visitors who leave your website without converting and re-engage them with a compelling ad with a strong message.
Sponsored Ads
PPC can act as a digital billboard for your brands. By being extremely visible, your business stays in potential customers’ minds.

You’ll benefit from our PPC experts conducting thorough research to ensure we are only targeting the most profitable keywords for your business, your industry, and your specific market.

PPC stands for pay per click, an advertising technique in which you place an ad on search engine results page or on Websites relevant to your keywords, and only pay when that ad is clicked on, leading a visitor to your website. It is a simple way to increase traffic to your website, or to generate new traffic.

The cost of PPC varies on the amount you are willing to bid on your targeted keywords. The likelihood of your ad topping the list of results increases with higher keyword bids. You can set daily maximums for your ads, so that once your budget for PPC has been reached, the ad will no longer show in the search engine results. This allows PPC to be a good option for both larger companies, and small businesses working with a smaller marketing budget.


You want to do what’s best for your business.  So do we.
Get the ultimate SEO upgrade to your website’s code, content,
and speed.  All done within a 90 day sprint.

SEO Site Audit
Identify Technical Issues
Content Analysis
Tracking and
Data Analytics assessment
Authority Assessment
Consultation for results

Industry Solutions

The experts at EverSpark Interactive have focused on PPC campaigns since 2001. In that time, we have seen virtually every type of challenge in every type of industry. However, the industries that we specialize in, where we tend to get the best results, are Legal, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, and Technology.

The best lawyers can also be the best marketers and often those are the ones working with EverSpark Interactive for their targeted paid search management agency. An advanced pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategy will target specific practice areas in specific markets or regions of the country.

We’ve worked with 400+ lawyers across the country–and counting.

Your law firm’s website needs to dominate locally on search engines, and that can often include ad placement in the paid search areas of Google to help generate new leads. To see what kinds of PPC results we can generate for your law firm, feel free to contact our team today.

Paid search in the healthcare industry has the power to improve visibility and trust with your audience before becoming a client or patient. We’ll help you optimize and manage your paid search campaign to get results on Google search and provide full detailed reports from our successes.

We’ve worked with top medical and healthcare professionals around the country.

Our PPC management experts will help you identify and nominate valuable intent-based keywords – meaning keywords that will actually produce a lead or sale – and accompany that will long-tail keywords that are low hanging fruit opportunities to drive just as many leads at a lower cost.

Financial and insurance searches have some of the highest click-through rates of any industry – almost 3% and one of the highest conversion rates – over 7% – when using PPC. That means many searchers on Google are clicking on the paid ads and they are quality candidates. It’s time to jump on board with paid search for financial services companies because there are new clients to be had.
We can make PPC for financial service companies a high ROI.
It’s important to have smart approach to paid search, however, so you don’t blow your budget too quickly and miss out on potential new business. Let the experts at EverSpark audit your current campaign, or set it up from scratch, so that we can manage your PPC campaign the right way.
E-commerce websites and online retailers occasionally need an extra marketing push to get their product sold online, and paid search for this industry can sometimes help with that push. We like to conduct a two to three week PPC test to see what click-through rates look like before proceeding with a long-term PPC management campaign.
We can help you get immediate results with PPC.
Trust the experts at EverSpark Interactive as your PPC management agency to get immediate results from a targeted pay-per-click, display, and remarketing campaign.

PPC for software and tech businesses can be a huge ROI from your marketing spend. We can help you identify the most valuable keywords and how to spend your budget wisely to get the highest conversion rate possible. The tech industry has some of the best click-through rates when it comes to PPC advertising, somewhere around 2.34% industry wide. With the right strategy, and the right data, you too can compete in the paid search channel.

We’ll implement a data-driven and proven plan for your PPC strategy.

Your website should dominate on search engines ad display networks if you work with the right PPC management agency. Let the experts at EverSpark guide you through what those strategies are and then we’ll handle the rest from there.

Check Your FREE SEO Score Now!

Discover how search engines, like Google, rate your website from a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the better – so take advantage of this free audit score now and we’ll send you a report within 24 hours.

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Why We are the Experts
in the Paid Search World

Creative Thinkers
We analyze & evaluate websites inside and out to form a custom PPC strategy for every client.
Market Analytics
We understand that every market is different and what it takes to compete in your specific industry.
30 Years Experience
EverSpark’s owners have over 30 years of combined SEO experience working with our valuable clients.
Client Focused
Clients are our #1 priority. We have a dedicated team focused on each one of our PPC projects.
Hiring Everspark to do the comprehensive
audit of my clients website was money
very well spent. They are thorough,
knowledgeable and approachable.
– Ross Brandt, Owner Coil Media

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Our team sets up high level strategies based on research and data, and then makes sure every tiny detail is looked at. No detail is too small in our SEO strategies. Attention to detail is what makes us tick at EverSpark. And it’s why we’re so effective
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