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Our PPC Audit Cuts
Ad Spend

Slash wasteful spending with pinpoint accuracy

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Dropping money on Google Ads but just not seeing results?

The issue may not be how much you’re spending, but where. Sign up for our full audit and you’ll walk away with (1) future opportunities for smart spending, and (2) current solutions for wasted money.

Fixing 4 Google Ad Mistakes

Can Help You Save Thousands

Learn in less than 5 minutes where you’re wasting money on PPC ads

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If you’ve never seen these settings (or if your agency never explained them), you may want to rethink who to trust with your Google Ads account. Most people don’t realize their account was set up incorrectly, and it’s costing them.

A Google Ads Account is All You Need

We’ll take care of the rest and identify areas of wasted spending.
Post-audit, try testing your campaigns again. Now that you know the proper settings and budget for your target market, you can re-invest in PPC with confidence. That’s smart spending at work.

Jamie Hallen

PPC Account Executive

“At EverSpark, we are entrepreneurs at heart. That’s why we manage our client’s PPC spend as if it is our own money. Each of our clients have a tailored and customized approach because we know no two are alike. We understand the importance of clicks, impressions, and CTR, but know they mean nothing if the return does not exceed the investment.”

There’s Absolutely Nothing to Lose With an Audit

Don’t Settle for the Same-Old, Same-Old – Discover Ways to Improve!

We’ve met with businesses whose faulty Ads settings cost them thousands of dollars on clicks that never generate revenue. At this point, they usually assume PPC is wasteful and ineffective. But a well-executed audit can stop wasteful spending in its tracks and get you on the path to more qualified clicks.


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