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Lizzy Reese

Director of Web Development

"Our meticulous design process starts by understanding the ins and outs of your brand and your vision. We bring that vision into reality by creating top notch designs that stand out. Then we build an SEO friendly site that doesn’t only look great, but is set up to perform well."

Even if your website is sleek and eye-catching, if it isn’t attracting visitors through search results and turning those visitors into clients, it’ll just be a good-looking website with no one to look at it.

That doesn’t help you, and it certainly doesn’t help potential clients.

What makes a successful law firm website?

In our experience, a few different things:

  • The website has a clean, modern design unlike any other law firm’s
  • The website clearly communicates your values and experience to potential clients
  • The site runs smoothly and doesn’t have distracting bells and whistles (moving ads, annoying pop-up chat boxes, etc.)
  • The site gently leads visitors through your marketing funnel and converts them into clients

When you’re ready to take the first step into creating an attractive website that delivers, call EverSpark. We have over a decade of experience designing law firm websites and using SEO best practices to get them noticed by potential clients and Google.

Our Capabilities Make Your Website Stand Out

URL Restructures

Other SEO companies will tell you to never restructure your URLs. Their reasoning is valid, but EverSpark understands that nothing is so simple as “never” and “always.” URL restructuring could help your business greatly in certain situations, but we’ll never make a rash decision one way or the other.

URL restructuring could be helpful if you’re planning to rebrand your firm, redesign your website, or open new locations.

Whatever your situation, rest assured that every single move we make – and every change we perform on a website – has been carefully analyzed and discussed. URL restructuring is certainly a long-term SEO play, so it’s nothing to take lightly. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be an option for you.

Optimizing the Backend

Backend optimization gives search engines valuable information about your site. It helps them understand the purpose of each page and makes it easier for robots to crawl and index your site.

At EverSpark, we take a multifrontal approach to backend optimizations. First, we create an easy-to-use hierarchy of pages in WordPress, complete with custom post types where applicable. Then, we combine and minify JS/CSS for faster page loads, optimize metadata including schema markup, and ensure all necessary redirects are in place.

Finally, we train each client to use the CMS (content management system) when the site is complete.

Subdomains (moving irrelevant content or moving relevant content back)

A subdomain can be managed as a completely separate entity from the main law firm page. This makes them extremely useful for targeting geographical areas, which is what many lawyers want when they expand to other markets.

For example, if your law firm operates in Atlanta and Charleston, one subdomain could be atlanta.domain.com, and the other charleston.domain.com.

When you hire EverSpark as your law firm website design agency, we’ll move relevant content from one subdomain to another, keeping your site organized and giving Google a clear path to follow.

Responsiveness Testing & Optimizing

Responsiveness is how effectively a website molds to user behavior, device, operating system, and browser.

You don’t want to be the attorney with the website that looks and functions differently on desktop than it does on mobile, or even from Chrome to Safari. That’s annoying and confusing for clients, and they’ll be much more likely to drop your website and turn to someone else if they can’t get your website to respond properly.

EverSpark helps you attract and retain clients by testing and optimizing your website’s responsiveness. We test for user conditions, navigation, accessibility, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our testing strategy and implementation.

Page Speed Projects

Page speed can be evaluated in page load time – the time it takes to fully display the content on a page. Or, speed is judged via “time to first byte” – how long it takes your website to receive the first byte of information from the server.

Both of these measures are vital to page speed, and Google has communicated that page speed is one of the most important ranking factors. If your site takes too long to load content or receive information from the server, Google could penalize you, meaning your site will drop lower and lower in rankings.

As your law firm website design company, EverSpark won’t let that happen.

Depending on your site’s specific needs, we can enable file compression, reduce redirects, and improve server response time. That’s just a handful of the things we can do, though – contact us today to find out how we can get your website moving faster than it ever has.

DNS Changes/Monitoring and SSL Certificate Updating

Without a smooth launch, you might not be making full use of your website. EverSpark understands that the job isn’t over when the website is complete. We push a site live by pointing the client’s domain to our server, then we check that the SSL certificates (https) are up and running across all pages.

Our Approach

Other agencies can make beautiful sites, but many don’t know how to include the proper framework that provides substance, improves user experience, and leads to higher rankings. On top of that, few agencies have experience designing websites specific to law firms.

The design and development team at EverSpark has ample experience building websites for law firms, increasing their exposure to clients and Google, and helping them earn more cases. Because we specialize in SEO, we engineer sites that look good and attract relevant, quality leads.

Our Process

1.     Have a discovery call where we’ll learn about your firm and your business goals.

During this call, we’ll gather insight on your brand’s values, your expectations for the final product, and the business goals a well-crafted site will help you achieve.

We also take this time to get an idea of the clients you hope to work with, the tone of your brand’s voice, and the way you want to present your law firm to the world.

2.     Using information from the call, we map out a strategy for your custom redesign.

Our team of designers and developers will plan workflows for your new site. We’re an SEO agency, so we’ll never present you with a redesign plan that is extravagant and unnecessary. We keep the design simple and effective so it runs smoothly and does everything you want.

With EverSpark, you don’t just get a shell of a stunning website. We work with content strategists who write copy to communicate your brand values and guide visitors toward conversion.

3.     Next, our designers build website mockups to represent your new site.

One of our top goals for your redesign is to make the process as smooth as possible. From the beginning, we fully scope every design requirement and anticipate changes that may be needed down the road.

To limit the number of revisions, we create website mockups that are as close to the real thing as possible so we can pivot in the design stage. This ensures our redesign won’t interrupt your law firm’s daily operations.

4.     We launch, test, and optimize your new website so it’s ready to welcome and convert new clients.

We value function and site speed because we know they lead to top-performing sites. With over a decade of experience in law firm site design, we can pinpoint which site themes, design elements, and functionality appeal most to legal services clients.

5.     Once your site is launched, our development team maintains your site for technical updates and ongoing SEO optimizations.

For an even higher chance of success, you need a partner who can help you maintain your site’s performance. If you choose to continue the relationship, you’ll receive a team of account managers, strategists, and developers who get to know your law firm and make proactive recommendations for improvements.

Your Business + Our Capabilities = An Unstoppable Website

EverSpark can lift your website out of its stagnancy and give it a much-needed competitive edge. Potential clients base much of their decisions off of the information provided on your site; giving it to them with an attractive design and responsive functionality will make them far more likely to hire you as their legal advisor.

EverSpark is a data-driven law firm website design company that understands your clients. We study Google and user behavior every day, setting us apart from other agencies and giving us valuable insight into potential clients’ behavior.

Let us help you achieve your goals for your website; contact us today to schedule your free strategy session.

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Our team sets up high level strategies based on research and data, and then makes sure every tiny detail is looked at. No detail is too small in our SEO strategies. Attention to detail is what makes us tick at EverSpark. And it’s why we’re so effective
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