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With over 130,000 Personal Injury lawyers working at 56,000 firms across the country, you can’t afford to blend in. If you do, potential clients will never find you because you’ll be somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine – stuck on the 10th page of Google search results.

Even on the second page, chances are slim that you’ll attract your desired audience and gain qualified clients.

Our goal at EverSpark is to retrieve your site from the ranking abyss and help you earn a lasting position at the top of search results with data-driven, law firm SEO. Over the years, we’ve developed reverse-engineered strategies that not only get clients to the top but help them stay there, bringing invaluable exposure to websites and driving qualified traffic.

Our way may not be the easiest, but it certainly delivers. Demonstrable personal injury lawyer SEO can help you achieve the goals you’ve yearned for.

Benefits of SEO for Personal Injury Law Firms

SEO helps distinguish your firm from the mass of other firms vying for clients’ attention. A process full of theories and practices, SEO can help your firm become the pearl in an open oyster – attractive, available, and easily recognizable.

Using reverse-engineered, data-based techniques specific to EverSpark Interactive, you’ll see an increase in qualified traffic, greater ROI, and fewer dead-end calls.

Our methods give you the opportunity to prove that your firm has what it takes to earn clients’ trust. Will you seize the opportunity?

How We’re Different From Other SEO Companies

Take off the blinders that your agency put on you.

In the developing SEO industry, there are plenty of bad apples. You know the type – the company that falls short on reporting, or the company that never seems to give you the full story.

But as personal injury lawyers, that’s exactly what you need. We’re here to remove the blinders, giving you the full, unabridged version of your website performance.

Don’t fall for the iceberg trick.

Other firms skim the surface on reporting, showing you only the tip of the iceberg and concealing the mountain beneath. They might show you easy wins but “forget” to mention why your traffic is dropping and why they haven’t gotten you more cases.

The truth is, your site may have glaring issues overshadowing the easy wins from your current agency. Ditch the half-truths; let us give you 100% of the iceberg, not 10%.

Feel like your agency is playing phone tag?

People you hire shouldn’t avoid you. Why pay someone who doesn’t keep you updated on their progress (or lack thereof) toward improving your site and growing your site traffic?

Unlike other firms, we believe transparency is non-negotiable. We’re pleased to open up our process and resources for your benefit. Our account managers are top-class communicators, keeping you in the loop weekly and organizing meetings centered around actual data.

Using Personal Injury Practice Areas To Help You Rank

Personal injury is a lucrative field, but you won’t get cases sitting around waiting for clients to come to you. Meet clients where they spend time – on the internet searching for an attorney.

The first step to meeting your clients and directing them to your site? Breaking your website down by practice area.

Making different pages for each practice area does more for your SEO than putting them all on one page. You’ll have a better site structure, making it easier for Google to crawl, your content will be quick to absorb and easily digestible, and you’ll be able to rank for more terms because you have more pages on which to include them.

We’ve helped clients shoot up in rankings and surpass competitors using this strategy. Take a look at practice areas that we optimize so clients can dominate in search engines:

Car Accidents

personal injury lawyer seo

In about 21 months,  we were able to improve our Atlanta client’s car accident keyword rankings from page 5 and page 2 to top 3 positions. These keywords have massive volume and are a huge driver of traffic to the firm’s website.

Truck Accidents

seo for personal injury lawyers

In the past 6 months, this Florida client’s improved keyword rankings have led to about a 900% increase in search impressions for their Truck Accidents practice area.

Our Approach

EverSpark takes a three-pronged approach to personal injury lawyer SEO: content, link acquisition, and core web vitals. It’s taken years to perfect our strategy, but we now have a formula to implement for any client in any practice area.

Legal Content Writing Services

Google rewards sites with impeccable content by ranking them high in search results. High rankings are indispensable to drive web traffic, especially in the overcrowded field of personal injury law. In Google’s eyes, impeccable content is structured and thorough, catering to topics users actually search for.

Our strategy is based on data and evidence, not assumptions. We start with detailed keyword research, cross-referencing several metrics including volume, difficulty, and competitive density to hand-select search terms. Once we have a list of strong keywords, we create supporting content like blogs and FAQs to help your site rank.

We’ll help you create masterful content that outranks competitors and attracts clients, landing you as an authority in your field and answering questions that clients didn’t even know they had.

Link Building for Lawyers

Links have been a crucial ranking factor since the creation of the first search engine. The more high-quality links that point to your site from reputable sources, the higher your Domain Rating (DR) score, one of the most important ranking factors.

Rather than obtaining links through questionable means, our Link Acquisition team utilizes a range of above-board techniques to earn links from high-quality sites, directing them to your site and boosting your DR score, which will help boost your overall rankings.

We start by auditing your competitors’ backlinks for acquisition opportunities. Our team then scours online directories, guest blogs and local business sites, and our own outreach strategy to acquire high-authority links.

Core Web Vitals & Technical SEO

Google will only rank your site if its bots can navigate it. Sites riddled with technical errors have essentially put up roadblocks, preventing the crawlers from doing their job. Without a healthy back end, your content and link acquisition efforts will be in vain.

Our process of cultivating a crawlable, indexable site begins with an in-depth technical analysis. We’ll identify crawl errors, site speed, structured data issues, broken links, and pages that were redirected improperly. We’ll ensure that Google indexes and ranks every part of your site that you want.

Next, we set up a hierarchical link structure to make it easier for search engine bots to crawl your site and prevent penalizations. We can convert unindexable files, create resource hubs for content, and troubleshoot any issues that arise before they negatively impact your site.

We’ve helped dozens of personal injury firms surpass competitors and gain clients thanks to our proactive approach and skills in website design for lawyers.

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Our team sets up high level strategies based on research and data, and then makes sure every tiny detail is looked at. No detail is too small in our SEO strategies. Attention to detail is what makes us tick at EverSpark. And it’s why we’re so effective
Moe Shahzad
EverSpark Interactive


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