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SEO for personal injury lawyers

Earning high-quality leads for plaintiff’s firms across the country

You’re in the business of getting injured people back on their feet. We’re in the business of getting firms the exposure they need to attract more, qualified cases. Want to know how? Four words: Personal injury lawyer SEO.

The best digital marketing agency for the nation’s top personal injury law firms

Why your personal injury firm needs SEO

The personal injury law firm space is highly competitive. Firms compete fiercely for clients, always looking for ways to edge out their competition. Personal injury law firms need SEO (search engine optimization) if they want to dominate their market and beat out competitors. SEO offers personal injury firms:

  • Increased online visibility – Think of Google search results as your ‘digital billboard’
  • Higher quality leads – Get in front of potential clients when they’re actually looking for an attorney
  • Cost-effective marketing – SEO is often cheaper than traditional marketing, such as commercials
  • Long-term benefits – Your firm can continue reaping the rewards of a strong SEO strategy for years to come

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Leading personal injury firms require a polished partner focused on growth

Many agencies take the wrong approach to law firm marketing. They recycle strategies that would never work for personal injury firms, and they shoot themselves in the foot by signing on several clients in the same market. That means they’re competing with themselves in a game they’ll never win.

EverSpark is on a different path. Clients trust you to be driven and accountable with their legal needs. We want you to feel the same about us for your marketing needs. We treat law firm SEO with surgical precision, utilizing marketing methods that work appropriately with the size, client load, and location of each firm. We also work exclusively with each of our partners in their market.

What puts EverSpark in a league of its own

  • Exclusivity – We only partner with one personal injury firm per market
  • Never on autopilot – We limit the number of clients our Account Managers handle so they have the time and attention to focus on helping you reach your goals
  • Specialized strategies – Our experience in the legal industry dates back to 2008
  • C-level involvement – Our CEO and COO are actively involved in each partnership
  • No Contracts – We like to hit goals. When we can’t hit goals we don’t want mailbox money just for a contract.

How we can help your personal injury firm

Google is constantly changing its algorithm, and our team is obsessed with reverse-engineering those changes to determine how to shift strategies to help firms adapt. Our knowledge and experience in the legal industry allows us to better optimize your law firm’s website to improve rankings and drive more leads.

Our belief is that throwing money at marketing tactics without knowing if they produce qualified leads is a wasted effort. This belief fuels our legal marketing attribution service, which removes ambiguity and provides a clear understanding of which digital channels are generating leads for your firm. We’ll provide your firm with data about general lead volume, as well as the quality of them.

Google rewards sites with impeccable content by ranking them high in search results. That’s why legal content services are a major part of our strategy. We begin with detailed keyword research, cross-referencing several metrics including volume, difficulty, and competitive density to hand-select search terms. Once we have a list of strong keywords, our legal writers and editors get started on creating practice area pages, blogs, and FAQs.

Content also needs to be continually refreshed to stay relevant to users and optimized for Google. We use performance metrics to determine which pages are performing well and which pages need additional attention.

The more high-quality links that point to your site from reputable sources, the higher your domain rating (DR) score, which is one of the ranking factors Google uses to determine which sites to show for a specific search.

Rather than obtaining links through questionable means, our law firm link building team utilizes a range of above-board techniques to earn links from high-quality sites, directing them to your site and boosting your DR score. These sites typically include local chambers, legal directories, legal blogs, and other similar sources.

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Join the leader of personal injury SEO

Our goal at EverSpark is to retrieve your site from the ranking abyss and help you earn a lasting position at the top of search results.

You’ll see an increase in qualified traffic, greater ROI, and fewer dead-end calls thanks to our data-driven, reverse-engineered techniques. Ready to get started?

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Our team sets up high level strategies based on research and data, and then makes sure every tiny detail is looked at. No detail is too small in our SEO strategies. Attention to detail is what makes us tick at EverSpark. And it’s why we’re so effective
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