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SEO for personal injury lawyers

Earning high-quality leads for plaintiff’s firms across the country

You’re in the business of getting injured people back on their feet. We’re in the business of getting firms the exposure they need to attract more, qualified cases. Want to know how? Four words: Personal injury lawyer SEO.

Rankings don’t lie

We’re so confident in our ability to rank firms #1 that we use the same strategies on our website. Guess what? We consistently rank #1 and are rated as the top SEO agency in the country.

Our clients hold top spots in Google

Our bespoke
approach to SEO

The pinnacle of digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) can bring in more cases than traditional marketing channels (we see you, billboards).

But a lot of agencies take the wrong, heavy-handed approach. They recycle strategies that would never work for personal injury firms, and they shoot themselves in the foot by signing on several clients in the same geographical area. That means they’re competing with themselves in a game they’ll never win.

EverSpark is on a different path. We treat personal injury SEO with surgical precision, utilizing marketing methods that work appropriately with the size, client load, and location of each firm.

SEO services for personal injury firms

We take a treble approach to plaintiff’s firm SEO: content, link acquisition, and core web vitals.

Core web vitals & technical SEO

Well-structured, quick-to-load sites perform better than their jumbled, sluggish counterparts. If you want to bring in more cases with SEO, you’ve got to make sure your website is indexable for Google’s “crawl bots” and navigable for humans.

Law firm web development begins with an in-depth technical analysis. Next, we set up a hierarchical link structure to make it easier for search engine bots to crawl your site, and we’ll troubleshoot issues that arise before they have the chance to affect your rankings.

Legal content writing services

Google rewards sites with impeccable content by ranking them high in search results. That’s why legal content services is a major part of our strategy. We begin with detailed keyword research, cross-referencing several metrics including volume, difficulty, and competitive density to hand-select search terms. Once we have a list of strong keywords, we create supporting content like blogs and FAQs to help your site rank.

Link acquisition and domain authority

The more high-quality links that point to your site from reputable sources, the higher your domain rating (DR) score, which is one of the most important ranking factors.

Rather than obtaining links through questionable means, our law firm link acquisition team utilizes a range of above-board techniques to earn links from high-quality sites, directing them to your site and boosting your DR score, which helps boost overall rankings.

ESI star

Join the leader of personal injury SEO

Our goal at EverSpark is to retrieve your site from the ranking abyss and help you earn a lasting position at the top of search results.

You’ll see an increase in qualified traffic, greater ROI, and fewer dead-end calls thanks to our data-driven, reverse-engineered techniques. Ready to get started?

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