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Lauren Jones

Intake Manager

"Everspark not only gives you results, but gives you the numbers to prove it. We send you data that shows the progress of your campaigns so you are always in the know."

Firms need to spend money wisely, but even more importantly, they need to foster meaningful relationships with the right clients.

That’s where EverSpark comes in. We’ve spoken with dozens of attorneys fed up with dead-end leads and overspending on campaigns that never seem to produce results.

Trust us — we understand that a single bonafide client is more fruitful than 100 unqualified ones, which is why we’re pleased to offer legal intake attribution as part of your law firm SEO or PPC strategy.

Why spend money on leads if you don’t know where they’re coming from?

Our legal attribution service removes the blindfold, allowing you to see precisely where your money is spent and where your leads came from. We track every campaign, every lead, and every dollar. We believe it’s futile to pay for campaigns if you don’t know whether they’re bringing in qualified leads or not.

That’s why we created our Intake Quality Management service — to cut out the waste and focus on what really matters: filtering leads and providing valuable insight into where your time and energy may be better spent.

Some might say this service is a no-brainer, but we say it’s just the result of having a hardworking team and analytical mindset.

You’re Report-Driven, We’re Report-Driven: It’s the Perfect Match

EverSpark isn’t like all SEO marketing companies; we’re transparent. Any data we find on your account is yours, and that data helps us just as much as it helps you.

Why? Because we’ll know exactly how well your campaigns are doing and where you should spend or cut money. That’ll inform your outreach strategies for the future and will help ensure that you receive qualified leads.

How We Know a Lead is Qualified

We’re not good at reading minds, and if we had to guess, we’d say other digital marketing companies aren’t good at it either. That’s why it doesn’t make sense when companies promise to bring you qualified leads but don’t bother to understand how your business works.

EverSpark is different. Unlike those other companies, we sit down and get to know you and the services you offer. By understanding your business and your desired audience, we can focus on vetting relevant, high-quality leads for your firm. It’s a legal intake answering service like no other.

Once we have a firm understanding of your business, we’ll begin a thorough vetting process. Our Intake Specialist goes through all the calls, chats, and other platforms that clients use to get in touch with you, marking which are qualified and which are not based on your specifications.

After the first round of vetting, we go deeper and attribute potential cases within each channel. It’s not enough to know which channel is attracting people — we need to know exactly which campaign is drawing them in. For example, we’ll go through your PPC profile to find out which specific campaigns are bringing in cases.

Our legal case attribution services will prevent overspending in the channels that just aren’t lucrative to your business. We don’t know of any other legal SEO company that provides this service; those other companies want you to keep spending, but EverSpark is here to help you bring in qualified leads minus the waste.


Once we obtain access to your outreach accounts, we’ll begin tracking and vetting leads. We can track potential leads in Google Ads, Google My Business, Yahoo Ads, and PPC and organic search calls.

But we don’t keep the information to ourselves — you can go in and track the progress whenever you wish. Collaboration is the best way for us to help you, as you can clearly see which campaign method is working the best, and we receive valuable input on our process.

Campaign tracking can also show you where to diversify your money. If Google My Business isn’t generating leads, you can put that campaign on pause and try PPC instead. In other words, tracking gives you the freedom to explore avenues you might otherwise have left untapped. That’s legal lead attribution at its finest.

Getting You the Data

After all that work, you finally get to see the output. Each month, our Intake Manager will put together a custom spreadsheet reporting on the data gathered in the past weeks. You can access and analyze the data yourself whenever you want, but this monthly meeting is beneficial for planning next steps and deciding which campaigns to go after in the future.

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Our team sets up high level strategies based on research and data, and then makes sure every tiny detail is looked at. No detail is too small in our SEO strategies. Attention to detail is what makes us tick at EverSpark. And it’s why we’re so effective
Moe Shahzad

EverSpark Interactive

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