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The legal SEO field is a highly competitive market, and at Everspark, we make sure we keep up with the most current guidelines and strategies about SEO and Google algorithms. We are constantly coming up with new ways to implement outreach strategies that would help bolster and increase traffic to our client's websites.

If your law firm wants to compete for those top spots on Google, outreach is one of the best ways to make sure you stay ranking.

Don’t let the process overwhelm you – at EverSpark, we study search engine and user behavior every day. We’re here to help you demonstrate your law firm’s authority through relevant, high-quality connections to reputable companies. Let us show you how we’re different from other SEO companies and how we’ll bring your law firm real results.

How does outreach strategy benefit your company?

Outreach doesn’t just help your firm gain reputable backlinks. When managed by an experienced law firm link building agency, a successful campaign can also help with:

Building Connections

When you reach out to other businesses and sites that then link back to yours, you’ll build relationships and connections that can benefit your law firm in the long run. Those connections will encourage potential clients to visit and trust your site.

After all, if your connections trust you, why shouldn’t potential clients?

Referral Traffic

You’ll earn more referrals as your outreach strategy grows and links from reputable sites stream in, circling back to you and establishing you as an authoritative source. People who find your site through another trusted source already have a level of trust in your site and are more likely to turn into leads.

Brand Building

Any marketer will tell you that it’s critical to earn recognition by putting your firm’s name out there. If you want to reach the status of being recognizable and known by name, you’ve got to build your brand through informative content, excellent site design, and integrated messaging across your site and social media channels.

Don’t forget – EverSpark offers legal content writing and site redesigns.

Reputation Building

It’s helpful if your brand is recognizable, but it’s even more important to have a brand that has a good reputation with clients and in the legal community. By earning quality backlinks from reputable sources and providing resources to people who are going through difficult times, your law firm will earn a reputation of fairness and honorability. Outreach is important in gaining that vital level of trust with potential leads.

Increased Leads

Finally – the part you’ve been waiting for! By earning authority and trust from your outreach campaign, backlinks from reputable sources will send you to the top of Google rankings. Your law firm should start noticing clicks that turn into leads that then become cases.

Why is outreach important?

You’ll need to build links to your site at some point in your SEO strategy. We’re not being biased or trying to get you to sign up for a service you don’t actually need; most SEO marketers would agree that link building is one of the most effective ways to establish authority, climb the ranks in SERPs, and earn more clients.

Every time a reputable source links back to your law firm’s site, it’s like a recommendation that Google recognizes and gives your website a boost to its credibility and Google ranking. If those referring websites are also referred to and reputable, that’s even better. That’s the difference between high and low-quality outreach methods.

It’s simple. If you can master the task of building high-quality connections, you can rank higher than your competitors. Building those relationships can help boost content visibility via other websites and search results.

Of course, link building also just so happens to be one of the biggest ranking factors for Google. Gaining backlinks (which is just a link connecting one site to another) is a great way to build reputation, trust, and authority in your industry.

In fact, according to Backlinko, the #1 result in Google has an average of 3.8x more backlinks than positions #2-#10.

Why outsource link building?

Whether your website launched last week or has been live since the 90s, investing in link building can help you grow your business, expand your influence, and be recognized by Google as an authoritative source.

The keyword here is quality backlinks. Spammy, irrelevant links won’t get your site anywhere. In fact, you could be penalized by Google and other search engines for dishonest link-building techniques.

So how do you generate high-quality links and drive traffic while avoiding penalties? Your best bet is to hire a law firm link-building agency that has the knowledge to use techniques that’ll work for your firm, the tact to stay in Google’s good graces, and the initiative to get the ball rolling and bring those results home.

Still skeptical? That’s alright, we came prepared. Here’s why you should seriously consider outsourcing link building for law firms:

You’ll save time.

Sure, you can take a DIY approach to link building, but you’ll end up spending valuable time learning a whole new skillset and form an in-depth backlink strategy. Everyone knows lawyers are pressed for time; you don’t want to spend weeks learning the art of link building just to be penalized by Google.

You also don’t want to waste money trying to be listed on directories or websites that are irrelevant and wouldn’t help you anyway.

You’ll save money.

Yes, you’ll save money by hiring a law firm link-building agency. Self-execution could cost up to $50,000, and the return on that investment will most likely be meager or nonexistent. Hiring an SEO company for link building might appear costly, but the returns are far greater.

At EverSpark, we’ll even walk you through every step of our process so that one day you can do it yourself.

You’ll have peace of mind.

Like everything else in life, link building doesn’t come with a guarantee. You could take a DIY approach and realize months later that you poured time, energy, and money into something that you don’t fully understand.

When you hire EverSpark as your law firm link building specialist, you’ll enjoy peace of mind in knowing that a trusted, knowledgeable, and experienced agency is on your side. We don’t just work for you – we work with you to build your law firm’s authority, enhance your reputation, and earn you more clients.

Our Approach

With more than 12 years of experience in SEO specific to law firms, EverSpark stands at the forefront of personalized outreach campaigns and quality link building strategies that deliver. Below are some of the strategies we follow to generate reputable, relevant backlinks:

Niche Law Directories

EverSpark audits an attorney’s entire profile to make sure they are getting the full benefit of every link from directories in which they are included. Sometimes, profiles will have wrong links pointing to the wrong pages. Our first step is to locate and remedy those.

Each EverSpark client is added to an extensive list of law directories we have compiled over the past decade. Identifying your law firm’s niche can bring several benefits:

  • Less price sensitivity since people seek experts knowing they will likely cost more.
  • Less competition since general practice lawyers all have to compete against each other.
  • Your marketing style will flow more naturally as you develop your space in the market.

Remember: this doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple types of practices – it just means you are an authority figure in at least one.

Social Outreach

We ensure that our clients’ websites include backlinks from the most popular platforms like Facebook and YouTube (fact: YouTube is also a search engine). We don’t just focus on your social media image – we make sure that reputable social media sites link to your blogs or FAQs.

EverSpark offers social media content marketing plans for platforms such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Local Links

Local links are crucial for law firms who want to rank locally. When a law firm signs on with us, we research all possible local links in their city and cater their outreach campaign on their behalf, earning links from local companies, businesses, media outlets, and other sources.

You should also focus on local links if you want to open a law firm in a different city because local backlinking will guide potential leads to the correct law firm website.

General Directories

This is an important step in law firm link building. EverSpark adds our clients to high-authority local, national, and even international directories. This part of our outreach strategy gets your name in reputable directories that stand on their own authority while vouching for your law firm.

Scholarship and .edu Links

As discussed above, earning backlinks from authoritative, reputable sources is paramount to any law firm’s outreach strategy. As part of the relationship-building process, EverSpark helps our clients create scholarships to help universities and students pay for college.

The process is pretty simple:

  • You choose a cause your firm can stand behind and an amount to be donated.
  • We set up an application on your site.
  • Our Outreach Coordinator reaches out to colleges for links.
  • The client and account manager comb through and choose a recipient for the scholarship.
  • We post a blog article about the scholarship and its recipient.

After that, our outreach team shares the story with universities, community and technical colleges, and other academic institutions.

This is a mutually beneficial process. Academic institutions receive more students because the students can afford to go with the aid of your sponsored scholarship, and our clients earn backlinks from reputable academic sources.

Need Legal Outreach? Contact EverSpark

EverSpark has more than a decade of experience working alongside law firms to expand and improve their link-building efforts. Our strategies are driven by data, backed by advanced SEO, and executed by a full-service digital marketing agency.

Contact us today to advance your firm’s online presence and bring in clients responsibly and effectively.

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