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Our Edge

EverSpark’s SEO services for lawyers begins with an in-depth analysis of your website. We evaluate your law firm’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses, compare you to your competitors, and identify any technical issues that could be holding your website back.

Next, we create an actionable plan tailored to your firm’s needs. A typical plan includes technical fixes, paid marketing strategies, keyword research, content calendars, and more, all implemented using reverse-engineered strategies.

SEO works best alongside other marketing efforts, including social media and email marketing. Based on our extensive keyword research and data analysis, EverSpark can manage every aspect of your marketing agenda, directing traffic to your website and turning prospects into clients.

To get on Google’s good side, you’ve got to be consistent. That’s why EverSpark takes an around-the-clock approach in implementing the three core strategies of SEO: content, links, and site optimization.

seo for lawyers

We Never

There’s no point hiring a

law firm SEO

agency if they’re working with other clients in your area. Those other clients will compete with your rankings, costing you money on an SEO strategy that’ll get you nowhere.

EverSpark is different. Unlike other lawyer SEO experts, we don’t work with two firms in the same location. We want to lead the most relevant traffic to your site, and we do so by working exclusively with one firm per city.


Why invest in SEO?

Traditional marketing efforts don’t cut it anymore. If you want your law firm to grow, you’ve got to invest in a progressive, hard-hitting SEO strategy.

That’s because SEO has a long-term compounding ROI. It might take longer to see results than you would with pay-per-click (PPC), but with SEO, you’ll keep bringing in cases long after your paid ads have gone away.

Pages in Google’s top positions have higher click volume, more organic traffic, and more people reaching out for legal help. We think that’s a pretty favorable ROI, but we might be a little biased.

Our Process Brings Results

With our search engine experts at your side, you will aggressively seek position one for terms that bring you qualified cases. EverSpark helps you generate business by increasing your ranking keywords, organic traffic, and received website leads through our unique, multi-step approach:

Legal SEO Helps Accomplish What You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Google is every law firm’s best friend or worst enemy. Do something Google likes and you’ll be rewarded with a higher ranking position. Do something Google doesn’t like, and you’ll lose valuable ground to your competitors.

That’s why EverSpark is here to help. We’ve specialized in law firm SEO for more than a decade, and we have the tools and knowledge to make your website irresistible to Google and potential clients.

When you hire EverSpark Interactive as your lawyer SEO agency, you’ll enjoy our full gamut of data-driven strategies designed to grow your firm through organic search traffic. If you don’t know, more search traffic = higher rankings and a stream of qualified cases.

Organic search increasing
Law Firm Marketing

EverSpark Knows Legal SEO

We get it – it’s overwhelming looking for internet marketing services, and other law firm SEO companies don’t make it any easier.

Unlike the other guys, EverSpark will meet you right where you are, whether you’ve worked with an SEO agency in the past or have yet to create a website. EverSpark will craft a personalized strategy to help you rank above other law firms and legal directories, and every member of our team is available to help you.

We’re law firm SEO experts, but we’re not just search engine savvy. As an SEO consultant for lawyers, our legal experts have optimized sites for hundreds of attorneys, and we know each state bar’s specific rules and exceptions for marketing terminology.

We know which keywords will attract the most traffic to your site and lead to real, high-quality conversions.

Our in-depth analyses are based on your location and dozens of other factors, and we can confidently say that no other law firm SEO company goes into such granular detail.Detail is vital to SEO. Search engines prefer websites with thorough content and personalized messaging, so our granular approach matches what Google is looking for in a well-optimized website.

Other agencies only focus on one part of legal SEO, but EverSpark takes a comprehensive approach – content, backlinks, on-page optimizations, and technical SEO are equally important in a hard-hitting optimization strategy.

Put Your Best Self Out There

Quality cases arrive through the first page of Google search results. If your firm isn’t on the first page (top 10 results), you’re less likely to get cases.

Trust a law firm SEO expert at EverSpark to guide your website to the top.

We use the word “guide” for a reason. SEO isn’t just a one-way street, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Everyone needs to be involved and on the same page strategically. That’s why EverSpark likes to have a conversation with our clients regarding their unique style and tone.

We like to identify these three items that will make you stand out from the competition:

1. Tone: How do you communicate with your clients? Is the communication consistent and reciprocal? Believe it or not. potential clients will make these assumptions just by visiting your website. That’s why all of your pages should contain a bit of personality. Aggressive representation or compassionate defense, we are here to make you relatable

2. Methods: How do you handle each case? What does your legal team look like and how do they work together? People are looking for a lawyer they can trust. and they want to know your methods. How involved will they need to be in their case? Will they need to pay upfront? We cover all this communication for you.

3. Face: People like faces. so we make sure to put the faces of your law firm on the website. We have an excellent team of designers and content creators who will capture your essence so potential clients feel they can relate to you.

Client Spotlight

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