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Our ESI Local Plan ensures your brand is visible where your customers are searching, driving more website visitors while generating more revenue. You can easily measure results and performance with our custom marketing dashboard.

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  • Stress-Free Solution

    After providing marketing services for the past decade, we have buttoned down our processes using modern agile project management techniques. With zero inefficiencies in the process, deliverables are supplied on time every month. This consistency is our number one reason for
    success over the past decade.

  • Effective and Measureable

    ESI Local is all about fine-tuning your content based on your market data. Ask any marketer: Conversion rates are highest when users come from organic sources. We measure our success by using our robust marketing dashboard to stay on top of your competitors 24/7.

  • Free Hosting and Maintenance

    Since 2009, all of our clients have been managed in dedicated environments with similar sites in their DNS neighborhood. Our team of developers maintains and updates sites on monthly basis. Clients in ESI Local also get 2 hours of webmaster service per month. Our servers are highly secure and are monitored 24/7.

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Our law firm started using Everspark over 2 years ago. Chris Watson and his team there have gone above and beyond to give us the best search engine results we have ever had with any company. They perform their work with a strong sense of ethics, honesty and integrity that has impressed our firm since day one. I would highly recommend Everspark to anyone looking to improve their search engine optimization for their business.

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The people at Everspark Interactive have proven over and over again that they are not only experts in the field of optimizing web sites for search engines, and doing deep research to bring powerful insights on new opportunities for their clients, but also in delivering First Class customer service, responding to questions and issues in record time, focusing our attention on areas where we can improve, and providing excellent overall client support. Our client-facing web site represents a dynamic, 107,000-employee company with annual revenues exceeding $4 billion, and getting 150,000 unique visitors per month. Everspark Interactive is our confidently-chosen partner for helping us reach our clients and prospects more effectively.

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5 / 5 stars


I was with another SEO company that I had told I wanted to be listed first on Google. I told them I do not care what it costs, I will pay what I have too. Make me the first listing on the first page. Unfortunately, my competition was using Everspark. They were first and after three years of trying, my company could get me no higher than 2nd or 3rd for our common search terms. I had met the guys from Everspark at a convention and told them if they ever had availability in Florida to let me know. When they called, I jumped ship. I am now on the first page of google for most of my search terms multiple times, including first in natural searches for every term they promised me. They have been truly outstanding. The guys who were in front of me in my market are hard to find now. Their loss, my gain. I highly recommend Everspark.

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5 / 5 stars