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Since the inception of Google’s social network, there has been debate about where it fits into the current social media landscape. Since the debut of “Search Plus Your World,” (and, quite honestly, before that), many of us have been aware that, though the network has faced setbacks and lackluster usage, in a lot of ways it has been a success (especially when compared to previous Google efforts in the social arena). First, Google Plus has allowed for authors to put their faces to their content with the rel=author connection. It has also allowed celebrities and larger companies to host “hangouts” with their followers,

Changes to Google – both present and forthcoming – have a lot of digital marketers on edge this week. Others dismiss the rumors as Google’s way of taking the spotlight off the “Search Plus Your World” controversy (that Google’s own product is being favored, and search relevancy is decreasing). Either way, changes are a comin’, and we all should be ready to analyze and understand Google’s supposed future new way of functioning.     Google + Personal Results – Off To The Right, Now Google dominates a little over 66 % of the overall search market, according to recent research, even after Search Plus Your World debuted