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What happens when Google scrapes info off your site and gives it to your customers---without sending them your way? To many in the SEO and search engine marketing community, it spelled disaster. But a recent site analysis by Ben Goodsell suggests the opposite: if anything, it boosts your traffic. The Rich Snippet Tug of War Rich snippets in general are nothing new---they're just a way for search engines to highlight specific information from your site in the search results. The problem came, however, when Google started lifting content altogether to answer user questions. This is part of a bigger shift where Google is acting less as a

Last week I discussed how adding rich snippets to your site can boost traffic. It turns out this was timely advice: a new study says that a search result in position #2 can get more traffic than position #1—if the second place result uses a rich snippet. How much more? A beautiful 13 percent. That’s more clicks, more traffic and ultimately more sales, without even taking the top spot on Google. The reason this works is because rich snippets stand out visually. The “snippet” can be any kind of rich media that Google will show with your result—store hours, location, etc. It makes your search

When your website shows up in search results, are there "rich snippets"---mini-previews that show what the site is all about? If there aren't, you may be missing out. These snippets are more than just for show. They increase click through rate (CTR) substantially. So much so, in fact, that a site that ranks #2 for its keyword will actually get more clicks with a rich snippet than the #1 site with no snippet. That's a pretty mean game of leapfrog. Often, we see that business owners aren't sure how to create rich snippets for their website, and many think it's highly technical. But the truth is creating