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Has your website lost rank? For most businesses, SEO is among the highest priorities for web presence – without good search engine ranking, web traffic drops off and online sales slow to a crawl. But SEO can feel like a moving target, because Google continues to update its algorithm every year. Fortunately, Google's code can be cracked – at least, mostly. While no SEO professional has access to the actual algorithm Google uses to rank websites, it is possible to sift through data on a large number of websites, web structures, keywords, and SERPs (search engine result pages) to see what works and what

In the wake of Pubcon, Google has announced multiple significant changes to the algorithm, a welcome change (back) to search, and some improvements to the Google + social network. In this post, we'll discuss all three changes/updates/news items (whatever you want to call them) in-depth.   Algorithmic Changes Recently, Google revealed 10 significant algorithmic changes that the search engine has made recently, with the following disclaimer: “…please remember that this is only a sampling of the hundreds of changes we make to our search algorithms in a given year, and even these changes may not work precisely as you’d imagine. We’ve decided to publish these descriptions

This afternoon, I attended a seminar sponsored by Digital Atlanta entitled, "Should I Add Google + To My Social Media Diet?" Considering the recent developments with Google +, it was apt timing for such a gathering to occur. It was a meeting of the foremost social media marketing minds, and a great deal of insight came out of the open discussion. The first bit of insight that came out of the discussion was the answer to the title of the discussion: Yes, we should be on Google + - eventually. While now may not be the right time for everybody (we will get

The +1 button is coming along nicely since its advent in March. And, we’re finding that our comparisons of Google’s button with Facebook’s “like” button (which is, by the way, soon to be replaced by all kinds of gestures) were absolutely on point. Why? Because, according to a post made yesterday on Google’s Inside AdWords blog, the +1 button will start showing up on display ads.       How is this Similar to Facebook? Rather than telling you, I figured I would just show you (yes I know, I promised I would cut down on screenshots of my Facebook profile. I lied):   As you can see, on Facebook,

Ever since Google + arrived on the social media scene and the +1 button continued to receive updates (becoming faster and more useful), we have known this day way coming. And now, it has finally arrived (well, it did yesterday). Google has fully integrated its version of the Facebook like with its fast-growing social network. Google inches closer to world domination with this latest integration. What does this mean? Since its June launch for websites, tech-bloggers and webmasters have been anticipating an expanded functionality for the +1 button. According to Google, more than a million sites utilize the button, which has garnered more than 4 billion

Yesterday, Google officially launched its social network, Google +. Right now, the network is by invitation only, but it will soon be universally available. The question is, will Google + become Facebook’s newest and biggest rival? Is Google + going to be to Facebook what Facebook was to mySpace (that is, a force that eclipses the competition)? We don’t think so, but we are open to other opinions:   we asked a similar question on our Facebook page – we would love your input, so shoot on over and tell us what you think. What will Google + be? Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President of Engineering

After its launch in March, Google's new +1 feature has slowly been growing as more websites begin to include the button on their home pages. It has fully taken hold now and is becoming more widespread across the web. We previously discussed+1 in our video blog, "What is Google plus one?" back when Google was getting ready to launch its foray into the social networking world. The revolutionary button is similar to Facebook's "Like" feature and allows you to see what sites and ads your Gmail contacts like. What is it like? Let’s first talk about what happens when you want to +1 a site