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2 rollouts of Panda and 1 rollout of Penguin created an atmosphere of anxiety and tension among many in the interactive marketing world last month, with many of those sentiments carrying over into May. A multitude of people saw their sites drop in rankings, not knowing whether it was a Panda hit, a Penguin hit, or both. Now, as site owners, SEOs and business owners work to correct their mistakes and recover their rankings, other search changes during April come to light. On Friday of last week, Google revealed that more than 50 changes occurred in search during the month of April (including the

New month, new changes. This according to Google in the latest blog post on the search engine's Inside Search blog. If you're an SEO, you can start breathing again - it's nothing too earth shattering (there's no Panda-scale change!). However, these changes are still significant for us to pay attention to. Usually, in some way shape or form, Google's algorithm changes and updates impact our SEO strategy. That's why it is so important to stay up to date with these changes and keep your eyes open for anything that may be changing in the industry (or changing the industry as a whole, as the

With the exception of Korean, Japanese and Chinese, Google has launched Panda internationally, across all languages. Announcing the new adaptation across languages on their official Google blog, the search engine refers to Panda as the “high-quality sites algorithm,” which they say has received a positive response from users who have experienced its effect on English language queries.   What’s Panda’s History? Panda’s primary purpose is to improve user experience and thereby make the internet a more user-friendly place. Panda was first released in the United States February in order to crack down on content farms (and other “low-quality” websites that did not provide a good user