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A lot of people would tell you that keywords don't matter anymore in SEO. That's not true---keywords are still bread and butter---but it is a fact that you have to be much more careful about how you work them into your content. Today's search engines reward strong, valuable, well written content that real users will like. The content itself is the sundae, and the keyword is the cherry on top. Unfortunately it can be hard to work top keywords into great content without making it, well, less great. And it's always hard to know what kind of content is best for a given keyword---what topics, how specific, long

Have you ever read a blog and wondered: who is the person on the other side of the computer screen? Who is creating the content from which you are learning? Well, Google has come up with a new way for you get to know your favorite bloggers. The arrow points to where you would see the author of the blog post that shows up in the organic SERPs. With all of the hype surrounding Google +, something very important has been happening under our noses. With Google being all about trust and authority, it should be no surprise that the search engine has come up