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Last year I wrote about how Google blatantly thumbed its nose at a new "link tax" in Spain. The scuffle ended with Google taking its toys and going home, leaving Spanish internet users unable to peruse Google News over their morning café. If anyone in Spain was cheering then, they aren't now. The loss has become a disaster for the Spanish economy. The Price of News The source of the conflict was ire from Spanish publishers over Google News, an aggregator service. Although the service drove traffic to their sites, they also feared that its use of snippets of their articles allowed users to read for free without clicking. Pressure

In this weeks ESI video blog, we discuss a Google feature that’s been getting a significant amount of press over the past few weeks: Authorship. At the end of 2012, Google launched a new version of their authorship program for online content making it easier to connect a piece of your own written content directly with your Google + profile. So not only will everything you've written be accompanied by a headshot or brand image, but Authorship will also help those who follow your work more easily recognize content that you've authored in the past. In addition to helping you claim ownership over your work, there’s

Google is certainly very into social these days. The search engine giant's (they earned this title this quarter, as it came out this week that they made $9 billion) newest feature, Google News badges, uses its big brother capabilities to track what you are reading in the news (while you are signed into your Google account) and awards you badges as you continue to read about your favorite topics. If you read a couple of articles per day in the same category, you will likely earn your badge within one week. This is a huge plus for Google, because now the search engine can