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Starting about two weeks ago, websites of all sizes across many industries saw a troubling trend: a major drop in their search traffic from Bing. While traffic can vacillate for many reasons, as the days wore on webmasters and SEO consultants did not see it bounce back. Rumors began to spread. So what happened, and should you be worried? Here's the complete skinny. The Phantom Update Usually when there's an unexplained drop in search traffic, it's one of two things. If it affects only your own site, there's a chance you've been hit with a penalty. But if it affects lots of sites, it could mean a

Remember when the Panda update went international? Oh man, were those some good times! We in the US and select other English speaking countries had already experienced the worst of what Panda could bring, and it almost felt fair that international sites go through it to. Plus, watching Panda do damage from afar was kind of cathartic after seeing it do damage to our and our peers’ sites.  Then, the protected searches came along, with Google saying it wanted to protect users’ privacy when they’re logged into Google, and SEOs were worried again. What would this mean for being able to analyze search

It seems Google has taken a hint from Facebook (yes, I still hate those darn real-time updates, and I’m going to keep writing about it), and has placed some level of value in “real time” updates with the new Analytics update. Okay – so this has nothing to do with Facebook, but I felt like a little dig there was necessary. Back to the important stuff: Google Analytics users – those indefatigable webmasters who use Google’s tool to track their website’s traffic - saw a change yesterday in how often and how quickly they see changes happening. No longer is there a three

With the growing use of Google +1 and subsequent launch of Google +, the folks at Google have built, in the last couple of months, a foundation upon social networking. The +1 button, which is basically the search engine’s version of the Facebook “like” button, has slowly gained momentum in the search engine optimization world. Why Google +1 is (still) very important months after its introduction Because no one expected Google to just release it and move on. There had to be more to it. Google's new reporting methods allow you to track all these likes (and, don't forget +1s and tweets, plus other social buttons!) Many

If you are a Google Analytics administrator and a Webmaster Tools verified site owner, you have the chance to gain access to a test version of Google’s newest creation. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are two useful programs for SEOs. Now, SEO experts can experience them together in the form of a limited pilot released today by Google. The pilot places Search Engine Optimization reports in Google Analytics, and derives its information from the Search Queries Data in Webmaster Tools. Photo courtesy of Google Webmaster Central Blog. It shows that with the Search Engine Optimization reports pilot, you can filter your search with specific