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Foursquare is not just an app used to pass the time anymore, it’s full-fledged social technology that can help businesses’ loyalty and awareness grow. For those of you that are unfamiliar (and it’s ok if you are!) Foursquare is a location-based check-in app that you can access on your smart phone or computer. I signed up for the app last year and really starting using it this fall.  The biggest misconception (that I found at least) was people worrying about strangers knowing their whereabouts. This is not entirely true. A lot of my friends were skeptical, but they converted and are now foursquare-aholics

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Instead of feeling superstitious, today I’m simply reminding myself of 13 things I’m thankful for. Number one, of course, is that it’s Friday. Number two is that it’s flurrying in Atlanta today. The rest are pretty silly, except for one: I’m thankful for Google’s recent “Search Plus Your World.” Why? Because all the bickering going on because of it gives us something to snicker about, and because its results have left us with something super cool to blog about. Google? We don’t need no stinkin’ Google – at least, foursquare doesn’t (right now, Twitter would like to believe

In recent years, smartphones have taken over as the pocket technology of choice. This is no surprise. We don’t even need a survey to tell us that many people use smartphones on a daily basis (Pew found that 35% of all adults, in fact, own smartphones, and that 42% of people own them). The Survey The survey, entitled “28% of American adults use mobile and social location-based services,” therefore, doesn’t reveal anything striking with regards to cell phone ownership.   This is a graphic representation of the survey’s findings, from Pew’s website.   Valuable Results However, here are some interesting and relatively new statistics that many will find valuable in