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If you're like most brands, your blog posts top out at 500 words. There's a good reason for this: 500 is about the length of a newspaper article, it's easy to read through, and with pictures and section headers it looks pretty meaty. Plus, it doesn't cost much to commission a 500 word post. But columnist John E. Lincoln says there's good reason to go longer. In fact, he says that long form content---which he defines as 1,200 words minimum---can boost just about every aspect of your online presence. In his words: "Long-form content can make you look like more of an expert in your field, increase the

One of the most challenging parts of internet marketing is writing great copy. Even a well designed, site won't get conversions if the copy is weak. And now it has to do more than ever: copy must hold readers' attention, inspire shares and comments, keep Google happy and, of course, bring you leads. Unless you have a team of professional writers, keeping the content fresh isn't easy. But you can take a lot of the headache out of it with a (free) writing tool call Hemingway App. Inspired by the bold, concise prose of the famous author, it looks at your copy and identifies everywhere you can make it tighter, clearer, and better. Drafts go

Want to find only the most advanced information on a topic? Well, Google is no longer the place to go. The search engine has dropped a long time search filter that lets you find content by reading level. Smarter Words The feature has been around for nearly five years, and allowed you to choose "basic," "intermediate" or "advanced" content. For 2010 it was quite cutting edge, and was built much the same way Google Translate was built: experts were hired to evaluate specific pieces of content, until the search engine learned from their patterns how to evaluate on its own. In this case the experts

Recently I talked about bad web copy on law firm websites. Bad copy causes two problems: it loses potential clients and it hurts SEO. The better written your website is, the more engaging it is to future clients, and the more valuable it becomes in the eyes of Google. So what does good copy look like, and how do you write it? Today is the beginning of a three part series dedicated to answering that question. And the first, most important step is developing your firm's voice---and making sure you project that voice in everything you write. Voice Matters The "voice" of your law firm is the tone and personality

Panda, Panda, Panda. Oh, and Panda. Plus, it makes you look good (we’re making grammatical exceptions for emphasis here – do as we say, not as we do!). Good content – well-written articles, site copy, and blog posts – is extremely important these days. Content that has been written simply for the sake of getting something on the page isn’t going to fly anymore. Everything you put on your site (or release to the public in any way) reflects your business in the eyes of your site’s visitors and in the eyes of Google. Show the search engine that you value high-quality content that