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We've talked before about the efforts Google is making to stop piracy and how it can affect your business, but we've never gone into what to do if your content does get pirated. Who do you call? Can you get it taken down? And do you need a lawyer? While online piracy is rampant, it's never been easier to take action against it. This is usually a simple DIY job that does not require an attorney. 3 Steps to Take if Your Content is Stolen There are several ways to deal with pirated content. Below we'll discuss the three simplest ones. These proceed from gentlest (and easiest) to most serious. You may or may

Not unlike schoolboys in a playground scuffle, Getty Images and Bing have gone from facing off to teaming up. The two internet giants have abandoned a lawsuit and say they'll work together from now on. The lawsuit was launched in September over what Getty referred to as "massive infringement" of copyright. Getty demanded compensation, but dropped the case this month. The Contenders Getty Images is more than a stock photo provider---it's one of the biggest players in the field. Its collection includes 80 million unique images, including all of iStock (which it owns). It also boasts over 50,000 hours of stock video, fueled in part by a partnership with the BBC, and has