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First Link Priority Rule

Hello everyone. I am Jason Hennessy from Everspark Interactive bringing you the latest and breaking news in the world of SEO. Today, we are going to solve a very common problem that often times causes many sites to fail in the rankings. Don’t worry — this is an easy problem to solve. Many people are unaware of what is referred to as the First Link Priority rule and as we all know knowledge is power, so without this power your website could be failing in the rankings.

So what is the first link priority rule? The first link Priority states that when a page links more than once to the same target url, Google will ignore all the other links after the first one. Wow, can you imagine what a negative impact this could be having in terms of SEO? Now that we have told you the potentially bad news, the good news is that you can fix this.

See Google will evaluate all the links that you have within your internal page as well as links that are linking to your pages from outside sources. Now often times you might not have control on who chooses to link to your site and you really have no way of controlling that. The good news here is that most of the time people will only link to your site and or internal pages only once. So the links you get from around the internet may be harder to control but often the first link priority rule will not apply simply because the links are not duplicated.

So now that we know that if we are breaking this rule, we have the power to fix it. If it lies in your own website, it can be controlled, right? Now let’s give an example of how one may break this rule without even knowing it. Imagine if you will that your website is about dog leashes. If you have an image on the site that has a picture of a dog on a leash – yet links to an internal page of your site…this is considered a graphical link. This is also the first link on the page. A little further down the page you may have a keyword rich anchor text link that you placed there for it’s SEO value. Both of these links are pointing to the same page, so have you broken the first link priority rule? Sadly, you have. So since Google sees the graphical link which is not optimized for SEO, your rankings will begin to suffer.

Most SEO problems can be solved with more links and more content. Of course these links and content need to be relevant and should not break the first link priority rule. There are some free fixes that one may do in order to fix this solution. You can solve the problem using technical solutions, copying code, CSS solutions or a variety of other methods. Our team of experts can help provide you with an affordable solution if you are indeed breaking this first priority rule.

Once you become familiar and understand what the first link priority is and how to implement it, you could be tapping into a some potential benefits of SEO. Keep in mind that this rule does not come directly from Google itself but comes from SEO experts like myself who have spent much time researching and debunking this concept.

Everspark Interactive always likes to stay one step ahead so we can keep our viewers informed of all the latest and breaking news in the SEO world. As always, thanks for watching and see you next time right here at