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November 2021

Law firms’ greatest enemy is faceless and invisible. It makes malpractice claims and talent shortages look tame, and it can leave firms bankrupt in a matter of weeks.  The greatest threat to law firms? Email phishing scams. Phishing in Plain English “Phishing” is a type of fraud that’s carried out online via email, social media, or advertisement. Offline, they occur via phone call or text message. By impersonating trusted companies like Microsoft and IKEA, hackers use enticing or time-sensitive messages to compromise your information and steal from you or your business. For example, messages like “You’re the lucky winner! Click now before your prize goes away!” and “Immediate

You know you’ve read a good e-newsletter when you’re still thinking about it hours later. Chances are, that email taught you something, made you feel a certain way, or gave you a new perspective on an issue you care about. Law firms can accomplish all of these things in e-newsletters, but it takes finesse to be successful. [caption id="attachment_20084" align="alignleft" width="308"] Your face after reading an especially interesting newsletter.[/caption] Below, we highlight some of the best elements to include in your law firm newsletter. There’s plenty of room for creativity and personality; don’t be afraid to step out and try something new. Keep reading for insight and ideas