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September 2021

As an attorney, your goals primarily center around helping people get their lives back on track. You represent victims who were injured in catastrophic accidents, people who cannot fight large insurance companies alone, or families who lost a loved one.  You've seen firsthand how the appropriate amount of compensation can help people begin to move forward again. And often, people who might be owed higher amounts of compensation need the most help.  Be proud to set your sights upon million-dollar cases. In addition to helping the client, such cases provide firms with ample opportunity to reach more clients, assist more colleagues, and facilitate more business

You can’t please everyone, nor should you try. Finance companies are no exception. Without taking the time to identify the characteristics of your ideal customer, you’re more likely to make broad, sweeping generalizations in your marketing efforts. These are unappealing to potential customers and could turn them away from your company in favor of someone else. The solution? Defining and going after your target audience. In this blog, we break down the basics of a target audience, why it’s an important aspect of your firm’s marketing strategy, and ways to find and get yourself in front of those customers. Take note - EverSpark offers financial SEO