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May 2021

Did you know that Google doesn’t rank the desktop version of your site anymore? Google’s latest initiative to improve mobile usability, Mobile-First, arrived in March 2021 and is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Mobile-First means that your site’s rankings are only coming from the mobile version of your site, and guess what? If the mobile version sucks, you’re not going to rank well. An advanced internet marketing agency, EverSpark is here to help. In this blog, you’ll learn exactly what Google looks for when judging whether or not a site is mobile-friendly. You’ll learn some tips to do a 360 from your current user-hostile

Connecting with clients via video conferencing has been more challenging than many attorneys expected. These days, we’re all realizing exactly how important one’s physical presence is to effective communication and building rapport. Still, it can be done. Continue creating the meaningful client relationships your firm is known for with our advice on making virtual consultations more personal. Before the Consultation 1. Communicate Beforehand Communication doesn’t (and shouldn’t) begin when the client clicks ‘Join Meeting’ on their device.   Messaging, calling, or emailing the potential client before the initial consultation will work wonders in demonstrating your firm’s preparedness to take the case. The client will feel confident in your ability as