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March 2021

The legal industry of March 2021 looks (and functions) much differently than that of March 2020. In the year since the World Health Organization and President Donald Trump declared COVID-19 a pandemic and national emergency, businesses throughout the country have faced enormous challenges and staggering anxiety regarding the future. Today, things are looking up. The legal industry has been on a steady uptick since late summer. Caseloads have recovered across most practice areas with several exceeding baseline levels, and firms have learned valuable lessons about technology and adaptation that can only benefit them post-pandemic. It’s uncanny comparing the “calm before the storm” of last March

There’s no limit to the lessons old Western movies can teach us. Turn on a Sergio Leone or Anthony Mann film, and you’ll likely see the dichotomy of good and bad represented by the actor’s headwear: the protagonist’s white hat and the antagonist’s black one. Case in point: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Clint Eastwood sports a white hat while Lee Van Cleef dons a black hat. This movie, like hundreds before it, builds upon the traditional belief that white is “good” and black is “bad.” In Western cultures, white is the symbol of purity and innocence, or “light”. Black, on the other hand,