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January 2018

Google dropped a bombshell of a document just a few weeks ago in the form of their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. The guide is meant to give SEO wonks and concerned site owners a 10,000 mile high view of what they need to have all the needed SEO quality factors present. In many ways, the guide reads like a more in-depth version of our SEO Checklist for 2018 we recently published. What’s most interesting about the guide is how it puts to rest many rumors regarding SEO ranking factors. For instance, the guide clearly outlines the importance of URL length and readability when

“How long does SEO take to work?” It's a question that's heard often, and truthfully, professional marketers simply don't know how to answer it. But instead of saying that, some marketers make vague promises as to when SEO will start to measurably pay off. The truth is that there is no definitive answer. All time frames are estimates based on past experience, but experience also tells us that everything can be variable. Think about it like being on a long roadtrip with the family. Everyone in the car wants to know how long it'll be until they get to where they're going. The driver want to

SEO is constantly changing, yet so many companies stay stuck in the past when it comes to best practices. Starting right now, your Atlanta digital marketing team can pledge to keep up with modern changes and cut out bad habits in 2018 to find greater success. Here are five SEO New Year’s resolutions you can adopt to stick with the times and achieve better performance with less effort in the year ahead. 1. Strategize Content Around Keyword Groups Rather Than Picking Topics at Random Studies from thorough companies like SEMrush reveal that using specific keywords isn’t as important as covering certain topics. In fact, the top-ranked