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November 2011

Though it feels like just yesterday that the black Google toolbar began to show up, providing easy ways to access Gmail, docs, your calendar, and more (when you are signed in), it is already getting expanded functionality. Over the next few days, Google will be rolling this feature out to all users (I haven’t gotten to use the new bar myself yet, which is why you’ll notice the images in this blog post are not of my screen but are instead from a Google post about this update).     What are the Changes? Google hopes to achieve greater visibility for its products (namely, for Google +,

From the folks here at EverSpark, we hope you’ve had a restful and tasty holiday. In between bites of delicious Turkey and stuffing, though, you may have noticed (as I did) that Google + took a step in a more mainstream direction last week. And hopefully you didn’t (again, as I did), drop your fork in surprise at this somewhat uncharacteristic move by Google (I say somewhat because Google has been broadcasting commercials here and there for the last year).     The Commercial So, while we all sit around and talk about its low usage by the average person, Google is out making commercials to advertise

Since Google + Business Pages came out, there has been a clamoring and a clangoring of businesses shuffling to get onto the social network and “interact” with customers and potential customers. And while, right now, there may not be as many people on Google + as there are on Facebook, a recent report by BrightEdge reveals that more than half (61%, in fact) of top brands jumped on the Google + bandwagon and created profiles within the first week of the brand pages existing.     This, despite many social media experts getting their signals crossed and being unable to provide a definitive answer about whether

We all know blogging is really important – especially when it comes to abiding by Panda’s high-quality content requirements. Now, we also know that the Google algorithm recently changed to value “freshness” highly – so blogging often on current events within your niche has become even more important (if that’s even possible).  And, since SEO is NOT dead (take that, Leo Laporte!), we think these plug-ins are ever more important.     Sometimes it takes more than just words to make your blog post shine. Sometimes it takes tools provided by your blogging platform!   7 Wordpress Plugins That Can Help Your SEO While blogging is effective, having some

In the wake of Pubcon, Google has announced multiple significant changes to the algorithm, a welcome change (back) to search, and some improvements to the Google + social network. In this post, we'll discuss all three changes/updates/news items (whatever you want to call them) in-depth.   Algorithmic Changes Recently, Google revealed 10 significant algorithmic changes that the search engine has made recently, with the following disclaimer: “…please remember that this is only a sampling of the hundreds of changes we make to our search algorithms in a given year, and even these changes may not work precisely as you’d imagine. We’ve decided to publish these descriptions

Leo Laporte of TWIG (This Week in Google) seems to think so - as he announced at PubCon this year.  Pubcon, a conference about search marketing, is a place for the greatest minds in search, SEO and marketing to come together, solve problems, create transparency and promote the industry. However, for the last couple of days,  the tension among those with differing opinions has been palpable - specifically among those in Leo Laporte's camp and those in the Google camp (like Matt Cutts).   Me and Matt Cutts at PubCon 2011. During his speech at PubCon, Laporte essentially forecasted an end of days for Google -

This afternoon, I attended a seminar sponsored by Digital Atlanta entitled, "Should I Add Google + To My Social Media Diet?" Considering the recent developments with Google +, it was apt timing for such a gathering to occur. It was a meeting of the foremost social media marketing minds, and a great deal of insight came out of the open discussion. The first bit of insight that came out of the discussion was the answer to the title of the discussion: Yes, we should be on Google + - eventually. While now may not be the right time for everybody (we will get

We have good news for the Panda-wary search engine marketer or business owner: the recent algorithm update run by Google was not devastating for many of you. Though it was projected that 35% of search results would be altered (a number nearly triple Panda’s 12% effect), there was not much damage done with regard to SEO. Let me explain.     The “Freshness” Algorithm Change First things first, the algorithm change was announced by Google as one that would ensure the freshness of results.  At this, many a news site owner’s attention should have been caught. Basically, if someone searches a new/hot topic, recurring event or something

It’s not even an exaggeration to say that this is the day we have been waiting for. We have been complaining, guessing, conjecturing, wailing, and anticipating the arrival of Google + brand pages since the beginning of summer. Now, they’re here, and in a day that will forever live in EXCITEMENT, we can announce that they are FINALLY here, they’re here and wide open to any business!   Google + Brand Pages: Finally Here! OMG they’re here!! Google + Brand pages have finally arrived! Within the next two days, businesses and non-human entities will be able to Create a Page in one of the following categories:

Today, Google announced a search algorithm change that will, as Google says, affect 35% of searches.  To give you perspective, Panda only impacted about a third of that amount (around 12%). The point of this algorithm change is to ensure that users are getting the freshest results to their search queries as is possible.     Google announced this change early this afternoon, noting: “We completed our Caffeine web indexing system last year, which allows us to crawl and index the web for fresh content quickly on an enormous scale. Building upon the momentum from Caffeine, today we’re making a significant improvement to our ranking algorithm