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May 2011

4 things that impact rankings in Google Places: Profile completeness User will have a better experience if there is more information present on the Places page. Upload photos and videos of your business. Always have your company contact information in an easy to spot section. Keywords: Important for ranking. Avoid “keywording” everything. Don’t keyword your business name unless the keyword is part of your business name. Ex: Your Business is "My New Deli." You want the keyword to be "Deli." Placing the keyword in the title is okay in this situation. But if you want the key word to be “fine eating,” don’t keyword Deli because it’s not the same Use only

Creating a great domain name for your website is perhaps not as straight forward as it seems. Unlike names for physical stores and businesses, naming your web based business requires a very different set of considerations. If you have a physical bricks and mortar business and wish to set up a website to compliment it, then you may want to use your existing business name, which of course would make sense for branding purposes. But there could potentially be issues with using your existing company name which I will explain, and finally there’s always the situation where you do not have an existing business

1. One easy way to find out what they are searching for on your site is to add a “search site” button. Offered by Google. 2. After adding the “search site” button this will allow you to access the Google Analytics. In order to do this you need to login in to the Google Analytics account and enable tracking. 3. Being able to use site tracking will enable you to see not only what the customer is searching but what pages were found, what keywords they used, what the visitors who searched found and those who didn’t and how many times a visitor had to

Check that your site is in the Google index Do a site search. For example, site:yoursite.com. This will show you your indexed pages. If your site does not show up in the index, then it may be in violation of one of the webmaster guidelines. Once you have reviewed and fixed your violations, submit the site for a reconsideration request. Make sure Google can find and crawl your site Crawling is the process of Google searching new and updated pages that can be added to the Google index. You can check for Crawl Errors in Webmaster Tools Also check the test robots.txt.tool, which will let you know if you