Can Google’s Anti-Piracy Algorithm Be Used Against Your Business?

Can Google's Anti-Piracy Algorithm Be Used Against Your Business?
Google has been taking more anti-piracy measures, sometimes more than the copyright holders themselves These measures include spotlighting legitimate movie, TV show and music outlets, and pushing piracy outlets father down the listings. In essence, Google is making pirated media sites so hard to find that they may as well not be online. But how do they do that? The answer is, of […]View post →

Google Is Fighting “Game of Thrones” Piracy, but HBO Isn’t Playing Along

Google Is Fighting "Game of Thrones" Piracy, but HBO Isn't Playing Along
“Internet” and “piracy” have become almost synonymous. The rise of high speed internet has made it possible to share videos, images, books and whole movies, with or without the creator’s permission. But whose responsibility is it to fight back—the copyright owners, or the search engines? That question remains contentious, but Google has stepped up its efforts to crack down […]View post →