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Jamie Hallen

PPC Account Executive

"Google’s Local Service Ads have evolved immensely since they started, and coupled with Paid Search, this two-punch combo proves effective by increasing both volume and quality of leads for our law firm clients. Owning the real estate on the top of page one means our clients have never been happier."

Inefficiency is the Biggest Problem in the PPC Industry

Here’s the issue: many companies don’t take the time to understand your business. They’ll treat your company the same as other clients, and that’s hugely problematic in an industry where so many parties are vying for space.

When an agency doesn’t understand your business, it won’t make the right spending decisions. They’ll spend way too much money on keywords, and if they’re expert deceivers, they’ll drag you along, overspending for months – or years.

Here’s an example of a common problem that we hear from clients who leave their former PPC agency for us:

A PPC executive sets a keyword to ‘broad match’ within the ad group, thinking that they’ll capture a wider audience.

A broad match keyword is one that allows the ad to show when someone searches for that keyword, a variation of the keyword, individual terms within the keyword, and any related topics.

For example – the broad match keyword “injury lawyer” can cause your ad to show if someone searches “basketball injury,” “traffic ticket lawyer,” and other terms that really aren’t related to your ad at all.

What makes this problem even worse? You might be paying for irrelevant, expensive keywords. Our PPC experts know this inefficient practice wastes money.

Here’s How We’re Different

When clients come to us after leaving another PPC agency, they’re often shocked by the questions we ask. We do ask a lot of questions, and some of them – such as average customer value – might make a client feel uncomfortable.

But unlike other PPC companies, we’re not here to make you comfortable by sugarcoating the process. We’re here to help you make hard-hitting ads that are worth every penny.

We Focus on Data and Financial Math

Everything we do is based on analytical research. You might have noticed that other companies spend a lot of time on things like design and ad copy. Don’t get us wrong; those elements are important, but we primarily focus on the data.

Another differentiator? We look at all of the data we can get our hands on. Other companies say they focus on data but are only looking at what’s shown to them on Google Ads – things like conversion rate and cost per click. EverSpark’s PPC team goes more in-depth by finding the cost per acquisition and cost per sale of an ad (these are not listed in Google Ads), among many other data sets.

Other companies don’t want to do the work to find that additional data – tracking everything perfectly through a CRM system or speaking with the client more than they’d prefer. But that’s the only way to create high-quality ads that will reach the right people.

We Generate Long-Term Gains

Our goal is not to get you orders; our goal is to get you customers.

This mindset informs all of our PPC strategies, and it’s one of the reasons why clients return and refer their connections to us.

We believe that the two most important metrics in the PPC industry are lifetime customer value and the cost of customer acquisition. Once we know these metrics, a seemingly high ad spend could yield even higher returns in the future.

For example, a hairdresser receives four customers from a $200 ad spend. That works out to $50 per customer, which may appear expensive when you look at the average price of a haircut. However, two of the four customers return for another haircut six weeks later, and the other two each tell four friends about their good experience. Those eight friends go to the hairdresser and become returning customers.

We Get the Full Picture to Maximize Your Return

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again – the most important step in the entire PPC process is speaking with you, the client. At EverSpark, we take the time to understand your business and how it operates. Because we focus on financial math, we need to understand your revenue, not just your leads.

That’s how we generate long-term gains, not just short-term successes. 

Your revenue points to the success of prior campaigns, and we can reverse engineer strategies from there. Even if you’ve never run a PPC campaign, it’s important that we understand the critical success points of your business.

Other firms are much more surface-level, but we believe that it’s pointless to spend money on advertising if you don’t explore every possible avenue of opportunity.

We Walk the Walk

There’s a famous saying in the writing world: Show, don’t tell. We could talk about how great we are all day, but we’d rather show you the results we earn for clients. You can make up your mind from there.

The image above is taken from a client’s Google Ads account before we started running their PPC campaign.

This image is taken from the same campaign just one month later. The clicks went up, as did the click-through rate. The average cost per click decreased, as did the overall cost of the campaign.

The image above shows what users searched for to pull up ads specific to the term “personal injury lawyer” before we took over their campaign. You can see that most keywords are listed as “Broad Match.”

Now, this image shows what users searched for to pull up ads specific to “personal injury lawyer” after we took over the campaign. The terms are much more targeted (most are Phrase Match), aligning more closely with what users search.

Why PPC?

We’re glad you asked.

PPC is great for targeting a specific audience or demographic, which is precisely what law firms should be doing. And remember – you only pay when someone clicks on your ad!

Here are some more reasons why hundreds of firms are using PPC marketing to earn more clients and generate more cases:

  • Pay-per-click increases sales – PPC ads typically receive higher click-through rates (CTR), which leads to more conversions.
  • PPC generates leads – Potential clients are looking for pertinent information quickly. If you can answer their questions without tons of scrolling, you’ll start generating more leads.
  • Paid marketing promotes brand awareness – Ads that present your law firm in a positive light will help clients think of your firm as reputable and trustworthy.


A lot of clients want to know if they can run PPC ads and have an SEO strategy at the same time. The answer is YES. On its own or in tandem with law firm SEO, PPC can help you get in front of relevant, ready-to-hire clients. You’ll see instant results with PPC, and those results – higher conversion rate, better click-through rate, higher average position, and more –  mean more high-quality leads.

Ultimately, PPC can help your firm stand out from the rest by increasing its relevance, competitiveness, and control online.


Paid advertisements make up the first 3-4 listings in Google, making PPC a smart investment for law firms. Your ad will appear in front of the client at the exact moment they need a lawyer, which is a sure way to convert potential clients to cases.


Although you shouldn’t necessarily use PPC ads just because your competitors are, if done correctly, this type of advertising can propel your website – and your brand – past your competitors.

PPC is especially helpful for law firms since law-related keywords are so competitive and difficult to rank for.


In pay-per-click, you control the keywords you rank for, so you can target micro-moments and high-intent searches when clients need to find a lawyer as soon as possible. With pay-per-click platforms, you can identify which keywords and terms are most valuable to your firm, giving you even more authority in your area.

How does PPC work? Ft. Our Process

Believe us – we know your law firm is busy. We’ve worked with hundreds of lawyers and we know that time is a hot commodity.

Thankfully, PPC doesn’t take long to get going. After you set your goals and let us know your target audience, EverSpark will take over the process to create hard-hitting ads with measurable results. Here’s a summary layout of our process:

1. Research

Every good plan begins with in-depth research. Preliminary research informs our suggestion for your PPC test budget. We don’t run ads without testing them unless you’re already running successful campaigns and want us to take over. Even then, we’ll still do in-depth research.

2. Discuss Campaigns

At EverSpark, we believe you play an integral role in the success of your PPC campaigns. We involve you in the process from the get-go, and that includes discussing which campaigns (types of keywords, type of ad, etc.) we think we might want to run based on your location, competitors, and user interest. We’ll work with you closely to get the test budget nailed down.

3. Take Over or Create Google Ads Account

Let us in! We’ll need your login information for Google Analytics and Google Ads to track the data that will inform our PPC strategy. If you don’t have an account, we’ll help you create one.

4. Keyword Research

Once we have a thorough understanding of how your business works, we’ll know which keywords to target in ads. We find those keywords through intensive, selective research.

5. Set Bids and Daily Budget

Now the ball is really rolling.

6. Set Up Tracking

Next, we’ll set up tracking in Google Analytics so we can monitor how, when, and who is filling out your forms. We’ll also want access to your Ngage account (or any other live chat software you have) so we can attribute which live chats came in via PPC efforts by connecting it to our Google Analytics account to view the data. We can also set up and track phone numbers to ensure that the calls that come in are high-quality.

7. Turn On Ads

Whew, they’re finally live! You can relax knowing your ads are out there getting noticed, but rest assured we’ll still be working hard behind the scenes.

8. Monitor Campaigns

We’ll check in Google Analytics and Ads regularly to see how your ads are performing (if users are clicking on ads and converting by contacting the firm through various mediums). We’ll manually adjust keywords or bids, optimizing the ad’s copy to get as many quality clicks and conversions as possible.

9. Share Results and Move Forward

We’ll share our findings as the campaign continues. We’ll then decide on the next plan of action personalized for your needs, complete with another test budget if needed. Our goal is to run as many campaigns as proves smart and effective. We can run new campaigns and will continue to monitor, tweak, and report on their success.

Let’s Talk About Expense

Your firm needs to decide how much you want to put into PPC. This amount varies depending on your desired exposure, which keywords you’re using, and how much control you want to have over the campaign.

Here’s what you’ll need to choose:

  • Budgets – These are decided at the campaign level by setting an amount for the entire month. You can exceed your daily limit, but the monthly limit has a cap that cannot be exceeded.
  • Bids – Bids are a more precise way of controlling how much you spend, the benefit being we can better manage how much we’re spending for which keyword.

Many larger law firms will spend a huge amount of money on advertising through PPC, sometimes paying $150 per click on their ads. At EverSpark, we pride ourselves on finding budget-friendly keywords that people are still searching, so we can make your law firm appear at the top as economically as possible.

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