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We’ve met with hundreds of attorneys over the years, many of whom gladly fill us in on their business woes. We noticed one issue eclipsing the rest: Firms without a reliable intake process are losing leads and missing out on fully-qualified cases

Many Firms Struggle with Intake Processes

Many of the firms we speak to employ zero intake specialists. If they do, they often lack proper training, which leads to qualified calls being left unanswered and negative impressions made of the firm, all in a matter of minutes. That’s a problem, as 67% of clients choose law firms based on their intake experience.

These learnings led to the creation of our legal intake training service, which is planned, created, and executed by a veteran intake manager. Each customizable training contains engaging lessons, guidelines and checklists as well as downloadable scripts and exercises.

Goal Alignment

Step 01

Goal Alignment

The first step we take in the law firm intake process is to understand your business and its goals. We’ll meet with your firm’s managing partners and top decision makers to identify possible improvements for the intake process.
Call Auditing

Step 02

Call Auditing

Our intake team will audit your firm’s current intake process, evaluating incoming calls and response times identifying opportunities for improvement.

Step 03

Virtual & In-Person Trainings

Following the audit, we’ll create a customized training plan based on your firm’s needs. We offer these trainings either in person or over video conference calls.

Step 04

Continued Improvement​

Our legal intake service is most effective when honed over time. We provide ongoing training opportunities to help your firm adapt to volatile markets and industry changes.

Team up with Mara and you’ll get access to our new legal intake training program, which is already bringing outstanding results for firms across the country.

Intake is one of the most undervalued aspects of a client’s legal journey. At EverSpark Interactive, we believe in a holistic approach to improving your firm’s standing against the competition.”

Mara Siegel
Legal Intake Training Manager

Mara Siegel is our in house intake training manager. After working as the head of an Ohio law firm intake team, she brought her experience to EverSpark, where she developed her own intake system. She’s helping law firms improve processes and retain more, higher quality clients. With easy to grasp strategies and hands on exercises, Mara and her team are already improving client satisfaction and bringing in significantly more sign ups.

We Make Legal Intake Easier

Thinking about bringing a legal intake specialist onto your team? We can help with their onboarding and training from the jump, providing documentation and training guides to ensure your new team member succeeds.

Unhappy with your call quality? We’ll audit those calls and provide you with feedback and suggestions for change. Our legal intake training program includes it all, and is fully customizable to your firms’ needs.

Our legal intake training program accomplishes two goals:
1) Improve law firm intake protocols
2) Take them to the next level.

Who answers when a new lead calls your law firm?
How does that call go from a lead to a client?

Many law firms overlook the importance of their intake specialists, opting for automations or voicemail to do the heavy lifting.


Other firms don’t have an intake specialist working for them at all. With no reliable process for vetting clients, firms are scrambling to retain clients who aren’t the best fit, and at the same time, missing out on truly qualified leads.
But don’t worry – we’ll help you develop a robust intake strategy even if you’re unable to hire a specialist. Our program can be applied to receptionists, paralegals, or even law clerks who handle intake.

Free Resources

Documentation is a crucial part of any successful intake process. Check out our free intake forms to help your team gather all of the initial information your firm needs.

We worked with EverSpark Interactive on a complete over haul of our intake system. ESI was professional, insightful, and communicated clearly with our team to revamp our process. The training was invaluable and we have seen increased business as a direct result of their effort. I would highly recommend this service for any law firm looking to formalize how they handle leads and convert those leads to clients.”

Jonathan Johnson,

The Johnson Firm

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