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Other SEO companies will get you to the first page. That may be the best they can do, but it’s not the best for us. At EverSpark, we strive to get you to the top of the first page, in the #1 spot – and keep you there.

The #1 spot is where qualified clients will notice you. It’s where conversions happen. Put yourself in front of clients and give them an offer they can’t ignore.

Search Engine Optimization: The Not-So-Secret Weapon for Criminal Defense Lawyers

You have the legal agility to secure a good outcome for your client. We have the analytical agility to position you in front of your client at the exact moment they’re looking for help, leaving no room to doubt that you’re the attorney with the most knowledge and best experience.

How do you position yourself as an expert? Using logical, no-strings-attached SEO.

SEO sets your firm apart from the hordes of competitors jostling for the #1 position in search engines. Using solid law firm SEO strategies like white-hat link acquisition, on-page optimizations, and well-structured content, you’ll enjoy more web traffic, more leads, and more qualified clients visiting and converting on your site.

Done correctly, search engine optimization acts like a net, filtering out irrelevant searches and results and putting you exactly where you want to be – in front of your newest client.

Since we began working with one of our criminal defense clients, we’ve been able to help them rank in top 5 positions for many of their target keywords!


criminal defense seo


Additionally, we’ve seen these improved rankings translate into more and more traffic to their website. Year over year, their organic traffic increased by over 150%!

seo for criminal defense lawyers

Clients Are Thrilled That We’re Not Like Other Agencies

Subpar agencies aren’t trying to undermine your business. They can’t help it because they just don’t know what they’re doing.

Those agencies treat SEO as if it’s a trend that’ll be gone tomorrow, using sloppy, off-handed techniques that garner short-term results. This will leave your site high and dry when a real challenge arises.

Stop wasting money on agencies that never deliver, and worse, hide what they’re doing behind obscure reports, false data, and crooked techniques. At EverSpark, our experts have nothing to hide. Here’s how we’re different from the other guys.

We Give You Full Access

Watch out for companies that make grand promises and send superficial reports. Run for the hills if they refuse to give you access to your own site data. You’re paying the company to run your SEO, so you should have full, 24/7 access to your data.

EverSpark removes the blinders that your previous agency tried to force on you. We believe that data is only helpful if you understand what it’s referencing, so we explain each metric and help you understand what you’re looking at when we send a performance report.

We Ask for Engagement

Other agencies hope that you’ll stay on the sidelines, unquestioning and unaware of what they’re doing to your site. That’s dishonest and doesn’t help anyone, which is why we take a different approach. From account managers to content producers, anytime you want to speak with a member of the team, we’re here for you.

We believe a strong client relationship is just that – a relationship. We won’t beat around the bush or sugarcoat any metrics. The data doesn’t lie, and neither do we.

Our Approach

EverSpark takes a three-tiered approach to implement the best SEO for criminal defense lawyers: technical, on-page SEO; link acquisition, and content.

Technical & On-Page SEO

Before we implement any other strategy, we begin by fixing your site’s technical issues.

Search engines can only rank your site if their bots can navigate it. Broken links, confusing site structure, and compromised security all tell Google that your site is low-quality and unworthy of ranking.

Our development team identifies and fixes crawl errors, site speed issues, broken links, and improperly-redirected pages to ensure that Google finds and crawls your site. Then we set up a hierarchical site structure to make it easier for search engines to navigate your site and for users to find the answers they’re looking for.

We’ll optimize your pages to provide the best user experience and ensure your site has the latest security updates.

Legal Content Writing Services

Google rewards sites with well-structured, informative content by ranking them high in search results. That’s because Google provides users with the most relevant content that answers their questions in as few searches as possible.

Search engines like Google consider high-quality content to be thorough, authoritative, and original. Our content team of writers, editors, and strategists form unique strategies for each of our clients, conducting detailed research and discovering topics that users actually want to read.

Once we have a strong list of keywords, we create optimized content that links to and from your most important “pillar” pages, sharing authority so your content will be more easily found by users and search engines alike.

Google values frequent content, so we incorporate an ongoing content strategy into your SEO plan. Whether you prefer weekly blogs or monthly FAQs, we’ll develop and execute a strategy that keeps your clients informed and shows Google that you’re an expert in your field.

Link Building for Lawyers

Link acquisition is all about authority, and our whitehat strategies will boost your Domain Rating (DR) score while improving your overall rankings.

A link from a high-quality site is essentially a vote of confidence. The more relevant links from high-quality sites, the higher your DR score, and the more authority your page will accrue.

It’s easy to find low-quality links, but those don’t help anyone. In fact, links acquired through questionable means could end up hurting your site through penalizations. Our above-board approach begins with an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ backlinks.

We parse through their links to discover opportunities for link acquisition, then we utilize our own outreach strategy to obtain even more high-quality links. We scour online directories, guest blogs, local business sites, podcasts, interviews, press releases, and more to discover opportunities for link advancement. Everything is above-board and contributes to a healthy site and a high DR score.

Best SEO for Criminal Defense Lawyers

Your job is to defend clients. Our job is to strategically put you in front of those clients. It’s taken a decade to perfect our strategy, but we now have a bonafide formula for improving clients’ rankings positions and getting them more qualified leads.

Whenever you’re ready to kick off the best SEO strategy for criminal defense, give us a call at (218) 427-6160 or fill out our contact form. We can’t wait to work with you.

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Our team sets up high level strategies based on research and data, and then makes sure every tiny detail is looked at. No detail is too small in our SEO strategies. Attention to detail is what makes us tick at EverSpark. And it’s why we’re so effective
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