Google considers backlinks from Colleges and Universities (.EDU) as ‘authority’ links.
Websites that have these kind of links, tend to rank higher than ones that don’t.
Here is how we do it...

We start by working with you to nominate a cause of your choice. (ie: Childhood Cancer / Autism Awareness / Veterans Disability) You determine the value of the scholarship (most are $1,000-$2,500). Then we go to work creating your scholarship page. Your page is then distributed to over 800 Colleges and Universities that accept scholarship notifications.The list of schools and EverSparks relationship with them is what make the program work. When a school announces your scholarship to their students, this produces your .EDU link.

1. You Nominate Cause

2. We Build
the Page

3. College Outreach

4. You Get
.EDU Backlinks

5. Monthly Reporting

call us now: (678) 534-7172
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. 1. How much should my scholarship be? We recommend between $1,000 - $2,500
  2. 2. How often do I have to award the scholarship? We recommend once or twice a year
  3. 3. Do I have to do this every year? Yes, in order to maintain the links, you should consider this.
  4. 4. Who decides the winner? You do, we collect the applications and you chose the winner.
  5. 5. Can’t I just put up my own scholarship page? Yes, you could, however we’ve developed a specific process to develop the page and there’s a good chance you don’t have the relationship with the schools that we do.
  6. 6. How many .EDU links will I get? On average our campaigns procure between 20-40 .EDU links