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Digital PR is
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • SEO
Comprehensive solution designed to increase search rankings, website traffic and brand awareness.

Our proven strategy to outrank the competition, generate new leads and get conversations started about your brand aligns with your digital marketing goals saving you time and money.

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Digital PR Hours per Month 10 15 20
Campaign Definition Outreach Feature
Monthly Directories and Profiles Activities related to sites which accept
submissions of NAP and website
Monthly Scholarship Activities related to publishing scholarship
Monthly Competitor Link Intersect Activities related to analyzing competitor
backlink profiles for opportunities
Monthly On-Site Content Activities related to promoting content
published on client's site
Monthly Guest Content Activities related to publishing exclusive
content on outside sites as guests
Quarterly Press Release Activities related to drafting and
distributing press releases
Quarterly Blog Activities related to securing a backlink on a
blog, blogroll or blog comment
Quarterly National Placement Activities related to securing backlinks from
industry websites
Monthly Report Activities related to tracking outreach and
link building efforts
Content Ideation Activities related to planning content for
client and analyzing trending content
Quarterly Competitor Backlink Strategy Activities related to analyzing competitors
backlink strategy
Quarterly Competitor Content Strategy Activities related to analyzing competitors
content strategy
What is included in Digital PR
  • Online Profiles

    Your program includes a researched list of opportunities to increase your visibility on profile sites. These profiles provide more branded search engine results.

  • Scholarship Outreach

    Digital PR will bring out the best in your brand, gain valuable backlinks and contribute to your community.

  • Influencer Outreach

    We identify influencers and facilitate sharing your content with them to increase brand credibility.

  • Guest Post

    Digital PR tells a story through compelling content by collaborating with influential publications to position you in front of new audiences and drive traffic.

  • National Placement

    Let us take your brand to the next level: Being published on established national publications.

  • Competitor Analysis

    We can unlock the secrets to your competitor's strategy to build a better, bigger backlink portfolio.

  • Resource Links

    Digital PR positions your brand as an information source by securing backlinks from proven resource lists.

  • Social Media Curation

    Digital PR will curate content for an active and dynamic timeline across all platforms.

ESI Digital PR Placements:
  • Grow Search Rankings

    Utilizing Digital PR to secure third party endorsements increases your search engine results page ranking. Google is looking for signals that your content is the strongest match for the given search terms. A strong backlink profile supports the assumption that readers outside of your website found your content informative enough to share with their readers. As a result, Google tags your site with valuable keywords and rewards you with better search engine result positioning.

  • Grow Website Traffic

    Exposing your content to new audiences through influencer marketing and building relationships with related publications increases referral and organic traffic, which generates qualified leads — resulting in increased conversions. These results are measurable over time using Google analytics.

  • Grow Brand Trust

    Building brand awareness requires repetition and consistency. We position your brand as an industry leader and legitimize your expertise through content marketing. We research qualifed opportunities on your behalf, saving time so the brand can focus on providing an excellent product. Set yourself apart and claim your brand's authority using ESI's Digital PR campaigns.

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What Our Client Say

Gary Christmas

Our law firm started using EverSpark over 2 years ago. Chris Watson and his team there have gone above and beyond to give us the best search engine results we have ever had with any company. They perform their work with a strong sense of ethics, honesty and integrity that has impressed our firm since day one. I would highly recommend EverSpark to anyone looking to improve their search engine optimization for their business.

5/5 stars


The people at EverSpark Interactive have proven over and over again that they are not only experts in the field of optimizing web sites for search engines, and doing deep research to bring powerful insights on new opportunities for their clients, but also in delivering First Class customer service, responding to questions and issues in record time, focusing our attention on areas where we can improve, and providing excellent overall client support. Our client-facing web site represents a dynamic, 107,000-employee company with annual revenues exceeding $4 billion, and gets 150,000 unique visitors per month. EverSpark Interactive is our confidently-chosen partner for helping us reach our clients and prospects more effectively.

5/5 stars

David Katz

I was with another SEO company, and I had told them I wanted to be listed first on Google. I told them, "I do not care what it costs, I will pay what I have to. Make me the first listing on the first page." Unfortunately, my competition was using EverSpark. Their client was first, and after three years of trying, my company could get me no higher than 2nd or 3rd for our common search terms. I had met the guys from EverSpark at a convention and told them if they ever had availability in Florida to let me know. When they called, I jumped ship. I am now on the first page of Google for most of my search terms multiple times, including first in natural searches for every term they promised me. They have been truly outstanding. The guys who were in front of me in my market are hard to find now. Their loss, my gain. I highly recommend EverSpark.

5/5 stars