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Why Organic Search Traffic Is Your Key To Success

The success of your website will depend on the levels of traffic sent to it. But are you aware that there are different types of traffic and that the traffic you currently receive may not be the right type for you?

Every website owner wants traffic, but few actually know what traffic they want or why they need it. Most of you are probably happy to just receive any kind of traffic, without ever considering the effect it has on your sales. What many of you may actually need is a different type of traffic altogether.

Imagine the following scenario. Your website analytics show healthy traffic levels coming to your website through the search engines. But only a small percentage acutally buy something or request further information about your services. This means that the majority of traffic coming to your website never actually buy anything.

If that scenario sounds familiar then you are probably getting the wrong type of traffic and very little of the type of traffic you actually need. If you are trying to sell products online then organic search traffic becomes a vital componet to your success.

Why is this important? Well organic search traffic is both highly targeted and is self-sustaining. It is also one of the more cost effective marketing methods. People who use search engines are actively searching for something in particular and what you want to do is capture those people looking for the products or services you sell.

If you have just launched your website then you should understand that it is easy to be indexed by Google, meaning your site will appear in the SERPs. But this alone does not mean Google will send lots of traffic your way. Getting traffic to your website requires a bit more work on your part aswell as an understanding of the kind of traffic you can expect as a result of certain activities.

It is by developing this understanding that will allow you to take greater control over the quality of traffic coming to your site. In turn you will be able to tailor your SEO campaign towards the specific needs of your business and your long term goals.

Lets consider another scenario. Jane has decided that she will promote her cake making business by leaving comments on other peoples blog sites. She spends a lot of time doing this and in turn sees a healthy level of traffic coming to her site and leaving comments on her blog. Unfortunately, none of these people ever place an order for one of her cakes.

What this scenario shows is that by commenting on blog sites Jane is actually attracting lots of visitors who merely want to socialize with her and are not looking to make a purchase. If she was running a blog website rather than trying to obtain orders, then she could declare this approach a success because she is getting lots of interaction and conversation.

It is important to realize that traffic that loves to socialize is very different to traffic which is looking to buy. If making money from your website through the sale of products or services is your goal, then you need to target those people who are searching specifically for the purpose of purchasing. This means that your SEO strategy and in particular your traffic generation plan must focus on targeting buyers. A focus on keyword terms and phrases as well as a targeted link building program should help to not only improve the type of traffic clicking through to your pages, but also help your website rankings within the search engine results. And that in turn will be good for your profits!