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Why is social media so important for SEO?

At Everspark Interactive, we have been trying to revitalize our Facebook page and enhance our social media presence (view it here: It has not been an easy road, but we have tried to make our page even more useful by creating interesting polls that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. This way, we can engage with others and show that we’re not kidding around: we know our SEO, and we want others to benefit from our knowledge.

Why is social media so important for SEO?While it is not easy to gain hundreds of “likes,” doing so is an integral part of SEO strategy. Why is it so important? The idea behind the importance of Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets is that through these mediums your company can get to know existing and potential clients better while also gaining their trust. Once you have a potential customer’s trust, he will be more likely to work with you, tell his friends, or just simply engage in conversation with you. This helps to position you as an authority in your field because your quality and helpful content will prompt others to look to you for important information and will hopefully link back to your site.

Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites help to broaden the scope of your company’s appeal and build relationships with others in your field and customers. They are important tools for improving your visibility, your SEO, and your business. There are many good reasons to use it to promote your services. Plus, it’s fun.