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Why Is Content So Important For My Search Rankings?

In SEO terms content is king. And although the internet rages with debates about whether or not creating content for your website does actually help to improve your site’s rankings, not having any at all would be like trying to promote a store with empty shelves!

You see organic search engine optimization relies on great content to help provide links and of course add value to your website for the benefit of your visitors. It would be nice to think that you could just design a great looking website, publish it, and traffic will come, but of course the internet is just too vast for anyone to possibly think that would work. So by adding content which is optimized for your business you will have the perfect platform to begin promoting your site.

I should perhaps make clear what I mean by content. Website content can be articles, blog posts, videos, infographics, images and even presentations. If you want it to help improve your search engine rankings there are a few things you need to consider when creating your content.

First is your content’s title. This needs to be compelling and SEO friendly as it is the first thing seen by your visitors in the search engine results and on social networking sites when someone shares that content. Keep your title to about 60 characters in length and try to incorporate a keyword term in to it while ensuring your title is compelling enough to make someone want to click on it and read further.

The second point is meta descriptions. These are shortened excerpts of your content that usually appear in the search results and on social networks when content is shared. There is a lot of debate about how effect these are, but a carefully crafted meta description, of about 160 characters and which includes keywords will help drive traffic to your website.

Next up is images. The importance of images as content is often overlooked, but images can be a powerful tool in terms of SEO especially as they are often the first thing to be ranked by the search engines when they crawl your site and the first thing visitors will notice. Include images relevant to your content, making sure your file name includes keywords, for instance search-engine-optimization.jpg and also use keyword optimized alt and title tags so that they will show in image search results.

Finally we come to promoting that content across the web. Link building takes time but is worthwhile pursuing as it helps to add credibility to your website in the eyes of the search engines. Always look to build links through good quality websites relevant to your own or by using original, relevant articles published on article syndication websites. You can also utilize social media such as Twitter to post status updates promoting your latest articles, blog posts, images or videos.

Whatever forms of content you choose to use on your website and for building links elsewhere it must always be unique, original and informative to the reader. By including good search engine optimization techniques when promoting your content you will not only improve your search rankings, but also help to build trust in your website, your brand and your business.