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Which Comes First: PPC Or SEO?

When it comes to promoting a new website you are generally faced with two different approaches, Pay-Per-Click or PPC and search engine optimisation or SEO. What is difficult for many, especially newbies to web marketing, is which approach is best and which to use for the different promotional stages of a website.

A lot depends on your site and what you are looking to achieve. If you are aiming to make money from your website, perhaps through ecommerce or affiliate links, then a PPC campaign will give you an initial boost whilst you get your organic SEO off the ground. The problem is many choose PPC as their only option either because they know nothing of SEO or think that PPC will suffice because they cannot be bothered with applying SEO to their website.

Trouble is that many sites will get slapped with penalties by Google because their website content is too thin. Sure you can sit down and spend time working out what landing pages are needed to keep the algorithm happy and your pages ranking long term, but that is likely to mean a lot of hard work! So a combined strategy of PPC and SEO running at the same time will ensure you see results in both the short and long term.

Setting up a PPC campaign will help kick off your traffic by directing people to your website through targeted ad campaigns which appear in search engine results. At the same time you can work on building your inbound links and allowing the search engines to crawl your site and begin ranking you for certain terms. You can also use data from your SEO efforts to help feed new keywords into your PPC campaigns and make better use of your budget. Likewise you can use data from your PPC campaigns to help you determine new content for your website and for other SEO methods such as article syndication.

Although PPC can bring in traffic within a couple of days, SEO traffic can appear quite quickly too and it is possible to bring in around 20% of your traffic this way providing you have targeted your content properly. Producing unique content, targeted for keywords you want to rank for and published across the web as well as on your website can help produce long term results whilst also have a big impact on your profit margins!