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What’s New With Google?

Changes are in store for link viewing in Google’s Webmaster Tools, and Google Offers is seemingly growing. We know that Google is constantly innovating, and yesterday’s events are reflective of the search engine’s consistent efforts to make things clearer and easier for webmasters. Also, we may soon be seeing a more widespread and effective Google Offers.

The Webmaster Tools Change

The way links are viewed within Google’s Webmaster Tools changed yesterday, as Google says will “present your backlinks in a way that more closely aligns with your idea of which links are actually from your site vs. from other sites.” What this primarily affects is subdomains, which will now be considered internal links rather than external ones. Google’s blog post explains:

“Previously, only links that started with your site’s exact URL would be categorized as internal links: so if you entered as your site, links from would be categorized as internal, but links from or would be categorized as external links. This also meant that if you entered as your site, links from would be considered external because they don’t start with the same URL as your site (they don’t contain www).”

Google goes on to elaborate that if you add and, links from both will be categorized as internal links, as will links coming in from subdomains (like

Other Google News: Google Offers Gaining Momentum?

 In the wake of Facebook’s Deals failure after a mere four months, Google is highlighting its own platform for discounts, which is still in its beta testing phase in select cities. Google Offers  was seen on Google’s homepage yesterday:


Google Offers Feature


This deal was promoted on Google’s homepage yesterday – though its likely only New Yorkers saw it.

So, as Facebook and recently Yelp give up on (or, at the very least, pull back the reigns on) daily deals, Google seems to be taking its platform and running full steam ahead with it. After Google’s purchase of Dealmap,  many are left wondering what kind of innovative deal platform Google will eventually create and likely integrate into the Google + social network.

Offers are also being expanded to around 12 more cities in the coming weeks.

More Information

For more news that our Atlanta SEO company finds important, like  Google innovations and anything Search Engine Optimization related, revisit our blog for daily updates  For more information about developing your site’s organic SEO strategy or for advice having to do with questions that are more specific to your business or website, contact our Atlanta SEO company at 770-481-1766.

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