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What is Google Plus One?

Hey Guys, It’s Jason reporting live from Everspark Interactive. Today, I have some exciting and potentially ground breaking news. We have received verification from our sources at Google, that Google is now rolling out new feature that could very well be part of the rumored Google social network that we have been hearing about for quite some time. What is the exciting new feature? Google is calling it the PLUS ONE and I will tell you all about this new feature that will be arriving soon to a website near you.

By now, we are all familiar with the Facebook like feature, right? This is the same concept for the plus one, but of course on a much bigger scale. I mean, everyone uses Google right? So how does this work? Starting today, a small percentage of Google searchers will start to see a plus one button next to certain ads. This is still in the roll out phase, so do not panic if you don’t see the feature just yet, you will very soon. If you see an ad that you like, you click the feature and then what it does is add it to your social network. Yes, I just said social network and no I do not mean your Facebook, or your Twitter account, I mean your new Google Social Network. The question on your mind right now is probably, is Google launching a new social network? Are the rumor’s true? Or is this Plus One feature just one of the small social layers that Google has promised us?

Time will better answer those questions for us, but what I can tell you about are some the ways that Plus One will work. In the upcoming months, when you are logged into your Google account and begin doing a search , all of your sites that you have given the plus one too( or those in your network), will be saved. This will allow your searching experience to be enhanced and you will see who in your network liked a certain ad, just think about Facebook and the like button and you will get the idea. This will give you an idea of how popular a certain page is, and this will help to draw even more people to this site. We all know that people are more likely to click on one of the first 3 links that appear in a Google search, and know what Google is doing is adding the social element as well.

Plus one is not just for search engine listings. We have just found out that this new feature will also show up on the Google Ad’s. Don’t panic, if you are an advertiser on Google, the good news for you here is that click on the Plus One button, WILL NOT count as a paid click ad. So essentially, everyone in your network can click on the feature and will not cost the advertiser a cent. Hmm, could having 20 plus click on this ad, potentially bring you new customers? Of course it can, it is like getting the “ golden seal” of approval from the virtual world. As an advertiser, you will also be able to see that stats about where and which ad’s are getting the most plus one’s, but you will not have the ability to turn off these feature.

So what does this really mean for you? Well, let’s look at this way. Google is the giant when it comes to internet search, with more than 2 thirds of the population choosing to use Google as the way to search. What this means is that this new feature will allow Google to even dominate the e commerce world a bit more. Recommendations are huge when it comes to commerce, and the more people that like a certain web page, the more traffic that will bring. Traffic is what we are all about in the world of commerce, just hoping that traffic will turn into potential customers.

Google plans to eventually show “+1” endorsements from users’ contacts in other public networks, such as Twitter or Flickr and many other social media outlets, except for Facebook. Facebook’s privacy controls do not allow user’s information to become public. For now, participants will only see endorsements from the people listed in their Gmail contacts, Gmail chat buddy list or people they’re following on Google Reader or Buzz.

It is exciting to think about the potential outcome of such a powerful feature on an even more powerful internet giant. Stay with us through the coming months and we will continue to cover Google’s step into the social media ring.