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What do I do if my site is removed for quality guidelines, but isn’t in violation of Google’s rules?

This is something that doesn’t happen often, but is a problem that can sometimes pop up. If you feel that your site has been wrongly removed, there are several things you can do.

Be proactive


Before you do anything, make sure you know all the reasons why Google removes sites from the search results page.

After educating yourself, the first thing you should do if you feel your site was removed without reason is visit the Google Webmaster Forum. Why not go straight to the source and ask the folks at Google what you have done wrong? If they cannot find anything wrong with your site, the next thing to do is file a Reconsideration Request and wait. For more information on what to do after you have filed this request, visit our earlier post about what to do after you have corrected your webmaster violations.

Consider this

If you have gone over your website with a fine-tooth comb, are confident in your high-quality content, and feel that you have followed the Google Webmaster’s guidelines thoroughly, one thing you might want to consider looking at is your inbound links.

As you probably know, your ranking in the SERPs has a lot to do with the quantity and quality of the sites that link to your site. These sites help Google determine if others on the web view you as an authority in your field. Be sure to keep link quality in mind when building relationships with other sites. Don’t link to spammers, or have excessive link exchanges with others (at least one of those link exchanges is bound to happen with a low quality site). If you simply link build by exchanging links with others you barely know for the sake of creating inbound links, your site could be negatively impacted in the long-term.

Bottom line

After filing your Reconsideration Request, keep doing what you have been doing. Just be yourself, continue to create unique content, and let the links naturally come to your site as you build your credibility. Becoming a useful and valuable source of information is the best way to bring your site up in the rankings.