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Want a Million Views on Youtube? Make a How-To Video

Google has released new data on its most popular Youtube videos, and it turns out that most of them aren’t cute babies. Instead, they’re tutorials.

According to Google, the total amount of “How To” content has grown substantially, and “How To” searches on the site are up by 70 percent in the last year. In total, Youtube hosts over 100 million hours of how-to’s. Tutorials are on fire.

From a marketing and SEO standpoint, that makes perfect sense. Here’s why:

  • “How To” signals valuable information. When people search for info they want meaty, useful answers—not just fluff pieces. That’s why “How To” blog titles repeatedly outperform other types of posts, and it works just as well for videos. The title holds the promise that in exchange for five minutes of your time you will get specific instructions to solve your problem.
  • Better SEO. “How To’s” are likely to rank better in searches, not because of a direct SEO bonus but because they tend to be the sort of high-value content Google prefers.
  • It’s easier to learn from videos. Everyone has their own learning style, but by and large it’s easier to learn things when you can watch someone do them. This is especially true for hands on type activities. A blog post might be able to give good advice on how to balance your checkbook, for example, but changing a bike tire is a lot easier when you have a video.
  • More people are comfortable learning online. Most of the above factors are nothing new, but people are increasingly comfortable with coming to the internet for answers. That means that any given how-to video is going to get more views today than it would have five years ago.

All those views translate to advertising dollars and, for savvy Youtubers, more clicks for their business. The most popular categories include cooking and home improvement and beauty tips, but there’s no reason this strategy can’t work for your business no matter what your niche.

Successful Youtube tutorials are easy to make. First, shoot a simple video that answers a common question potential customers have. Then post it along with a link to your site and an invitation to contact you for more details. The video does double duty: it serves as a high value link to your website, and it refers qualified leads to your business.

We call this process the video billboard, but it’s much more than that. It’s a way to join Google’s content economy and become valuable to customers before they even find you.

If you want to make Youtube work for your business, EverSpark can help. We make it easy to dominate your niche and we offer a FREE in-depth consultation. Contact us and get yours today.