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Utilizing LinkedIn Quickly and Effectively for Your Business

When we talk about typical social media marketing, our conversation generally centers around Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. However, one useful social media platform that we sometimes skip over but that a business can utilize is LinkedIn. Predominantly, companies think of LinkedIn a more for employees of a company and not the company itself. However, there are ways LinkedIn can significantly help your company’s presence online.



Common Misconception

The general feeling surrounding LinkedIn when it comes to businesses is that it is ONLY effective for person to person networking. This is where many are wrong and can use LinkedIn to their advantage…

Firstly, every company should have a formalized profile on LinkedIn. If someone searched your company on LinkedIn and a bare bones profile with no logo shows up, that will not reflect well on your company. Also, encourage your employees to join LinkedIn (if they haven’t already) and have them list their role at your company in their own personal profile:

Everspark Interactive’s LinkedIn page

An Everspark Employee’s Profile Page


Engage and Participate

Next steps are to engage with other companies in your industry. Join groups and participate in conversations. This will give your company exposure to several different types of people. This can be advantageous a couple ways. One, you may attract people that could potentially work for your company.  Two, you could attract more business by proving your expertise on the LinkedIn platform. You can do this by actively participating in those group conversations, sharing your content (like blog posts), and stimulating productive debates with other professionals and companies.

You can also link your company’s Twitter Feed to LinkedIn – and, you can also connect your LinkedIn feed to Twitter. This keeps regular updates coming from your company flowing on both social networks – with one targeting your followers and the other targeting your more professional prospects.

New Features

Contributing to the importance of this social network to your business is LinkedIn’s newly incorporated a “follow” button option for companies to use (debuted in late February).  If a company chooses to use a “follow” button on their profile, anyone that follows will receive updates from that company on their LinkedIn feeds (this is similar to how things work on Facebook and Twitter).

The New Business “Follow” Button


In addition to keeping up their LinkedIn profiles, businesses should also look into having a premium profile or putting ads up on LinkedIn itself. This is especially important if you are a B2B business, since LinkedIn is the professional social network, businesses might look for services there first before even turning to Google.

All in all, take advantage of this great social network. It may not be the most glamorous or fun, but it will attract the right kinds of people to your business, especially since LinkedIn is so specific-industry focused. In the end, this could help your company increase it’s connections and perhaps revenue as well.

More Information

Want to learn more about social networking and its importance for your business? Looking to find free tips and news updates from the online world? Visit our blog regularly to stay informed. With questions more specific to your business, give us a call today at 770-481-1766.

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