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Uncover Hidden Selling Opportunities with YouTube Keyword Tool

If you promote your business online, then you’ve likely researched keywords. Keyword research helps you find out exactly how people find your product—and it’s not always how you’d expect. For this research, most businesses start with the Google AdWords keyword tool, but that isn’t where your efforts should end.

That’s because AdWords is just one of several great keyword tools that are free to use, and not every tool works well for the same things. Smart keyword research is used for at least three major marketing purposes:

1. SEO: This is what everyone thinks of first. By knowing which keywords people search for, you know which terms to use regularly in your on-site and off-site content.
2. PPC: AdWords is the leading pay-per-click platform, and the AdWords keyword tool is perfect for making that platform bear fruit. You can see not only what the most searched-for keywords are, but how competitive they are (i.e. how many other businesses are paying for them) and choose a high-volume, low-competition keyword.
3. Finding niches: This is the one that most marketers forget about, but it’s an easy way to drive organic clicks to your site—nearly for free.

That third one is really where the YouTube Keyword Tool comes in. Yes, YouTube has a keyword tool of its own, and it is valuable (yet free to use!).

Its value comes partly from its unique position: people love video content. But it’s especially useful for figuring out new niches to fill and needs to fill.

For example, imagine that you sell cameras. It should be pretty obvious that keywords like “cameras” and “digital cameras” get a lot of searches, which means it’s hard to stand out and get people to your site. Indeed, “camera” points to over a million videos on YouTube. But wait—what about “hidden cameras?”

There are so few videos about hidden cameras that YouTube literally can’t even give you a number (“not enough data”).

Yet if you search for hidden camera videos on YouTube, you’ll find that they are popular. Even the ones that are just funny—not racy—get millions of views. Potential, anyone?

The logical step for a camera website would be to create some simple videos—perhaps funny, perhaps informative—that talk about hidden cameras (How to Hide a Camera? Are Hidden Cameras Legal? Make Your Own Hidden Camera Prank) and then link back to your website for the best cameras for the job.

Right now, many marketing companies don’t even touch the YouTube keyword tool, and those that do almost never focus on the unexplored niches like this. That’s leaving money on the table, and that’s why at EverSpark we use every tool at our disposal to make your campaign pay off.

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