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Twitter Unveils Keyword Targeting in Timelines

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Social media sites like Twitter have transformed the way that people connect with each other. They’ve also added to the different ways that companies can reach consumers. On April 17, Twitter announced a new advertising platform that will undeniably become a game-changer for businesses: keyword marketing for timelines.

How Keyword Marketing For Timelines Works

This feature will allow companies to identify potential customers whose real-time tweets indicate a potential interest in the company’s services. The company can then send a Promoted Tweet to those customers. In the age of social media, staying up-to-date on trending topics is key to maintaining social relevancy. Keyword marketing for timelines allows your company to know what people want right now.

Let’s say Twitter users are tweeting about the latest iPhone upgrade and whether or not they should get it. If you’re a phone service provider that’s recently decided to include the latest iPhone upgrade in your line of products, you can create a Promoted Tweet that features specified keywords and provides a link to this new offer. This Promoted Tweet will appear in the timelines of Twitter users who have recently posted tweets containing these specified keywords.

What the Studies Show

You won’t have to worry about these Promoted Tweets being perceived as annoying or invasive. Recent studies show that Twitter users actually respond favorably to keyword marketing for timelines. A group of advertisers – including Walgreens, Microsoft Japan and Everything Everywhere – experimented with this new platform and found that Twitter users engage more often with keyword-targeted Promoted Tweets than with any other form of targeting. Camera company GoPro achieved particularly noteworthy results. They used keyword marketing for timelines in four different marketing campaigns, saw nearly 2 million impressions, and hit an engagement level of 11 percent for tweets using this new platform.

How To Set It Up

Keyword targeting for timelines is easy to set up. You simply decide whether you want to target a specific keyword phrase or an unordered series of words, plug in the words you want, and specify geographic location, gender and device. Twitter will handle the rest. Now whenever anyone tweets your designated keyword phrases or words, they’ll see your Promoted Tweets!

Something to Keep In Mind

Twitter is a social media platform best designed for self-expression and conversation. Twitter users are not necessarily using it to meet their specific needs like they would with Google Search. As you incorporate keyword marketing for timelines into your overall Twitter marketing strategy, be mindful of the fact that Promoted Tweets could not only increase your level of follower engagement but also boost the number of conversations your followers/customers will try to initiate with your company. This will give you an excellent opportunity to receive more customer feedback as well as learn where your keyword marketing strategy can stand improvement.

Is Twitter a part of your overall social media marketing strategy? Do you think keyword marketing for timelines could be helpful for your business? Talk to EverSpark about leveraging your social media efforts.