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Twitter Releases Streaming App for Live TV Platforms, Melding Online/Offline Further


When trying to diversify its offerings and improve its appeal, Twitter seems to have adopted Google’s strategy: go big or go home. To that end, the limited-length, micro-blogging platform has jumped into media forays. We reported on the Twitter’s contract with the NFL back in spring, and since then they have added MLB and NHL exclusive broadcast rights to their roster.

Now, Twitter is giving people a way to access these broadcasts simply and from a multitude of devices. Yesterday, they released an app available on Apple TV, Amazon TV and the Microsoft Xbox One gaming console, allowing people to easily stream the games onto their favorite screen. No one has any word yet on any features accompanying the app, but presumably there are built-in ways to tweet through the app, either through typed or canned responses.

Twitter’s move towards conveniently putting their streams on your living room TV indicates a whole lot more than an unusual shift in the balance of the force for social media. Instead, it represents the blurring of lines between online and offline events and how we consume media as a whole. Brands interested in furthering their reach must maintain awareness of such paradigm shifts if they hope to keep their digital marketing strategies relevant in our ever-evolving age.

Why Twitter TV Makes Sense

What is Twitter doing with all these broadcast rights? Presumably removing extra steps between the conversations happening through Tweets and the content that inspires these conversations. As people are forced to log onto the platform to watch games they are interested in, they may be tempted to participate and engage with the community.

They will likely receive even more encouragement at the behest of the hashtag campaigns created for each NFL franchise. Viewers unfamiliar with Twitter could still send out canned responses, such as an Atlanta Falcons fan tweeting #RiseUp as a match starts (And the Cowboys get the ever-original #DallasCowboys). Fans can also expect franchise-specific emojis galore. One might even think they can transcend from “regular fans” to “superfans” through the app, but they have enormous shoes to fill.


On the other side of the tossup coin, we have Twitter users only vaguely interested in TV broadcasts. As NFL discussions trend and users have access to the broadcast right there in Twitter, they may be more tempted to join in and see what all the fuss is about.

So, essentially, we have both the NFL and Twitter trying to broaden their base and intensify participation in buzzworthy cultural events, such as a proverbial tossing of the ol’ pigskin. And, naturally, all of these people will be subjected to highly targeted ads both in-stream and in display ads nearby as they browse through their Twitter timeline.

Confirming these goals, Twitter CFO Anthony Noto released the following statement: “Twitter has always been a great complement to TV, and now fans can enjoy even more premium video with live Tweets — and the best content on Twitter — right from their TVs.”

What Twitter’s Streaming App Means for Digital Marketing

For most SMBs, the Twitter streaming app means little in terms of direct impact. However, the release does add another dot along a trend line pointing towards an always-on entertainment ecosystem. TV and online activities like Tweeting were once quite separate. Now, they are becoming literally inseparable in some instances.

Brands that want to come to grips with this evolving technological landscape must adapt their digital strategy to intertwine online and offline campaigns — the elusive “omnichannel” standard.

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