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Time for More Characters? Twitter Says “Yes”

Twitter has seen massive ups and downs this past year. Their leadership has been shaky at best, as candidate after candidate for CEO has fallen by the wayside. On the user-facing front, they’ve also made some changes that have caused a minor uproar. They decided to go with a Facebook-style timeline, showing you the “most important” posts first. While this originally led to the trending hashtag #RIPTwitter, users have calmed down and accepted the change.

Now, there’s a new change coming down the pipeline. Users will soon be able to put more characters into their tweets. No, it’s not the fabled 10,000 character limit that’s become something of internet mythology. It’s a much more subtle change, but one that can have a massive impact on digital marketing.

Tweet Users and Attachments for Free

Currently, if you want to talk to another user, you have to tweet at them using their handle. For instance, if you wanted to tell us how great our blogs are (Thank you! Thank you!), you have to start your tweet with @EversparkOnline. Just the name alone cuts your character count down to 124 (123 if you count the space after the name). Then, if you want to send us this great meme of Ryan Gosling, you’re down to just 100 characters.

All of that is changing. When you start a tweet with a handle, it doesn’t go toward your character count. In addition, adding an attachment or picture, including the .gifs from Twitter’s own GIF keyboard, doesn’t detract from your character count. This allows you to really express yourself with the full 140 characters Twitter promised you.

Bigger, Better Conversations and Retweets

If you try to follow conversations on Twitter, you’re probably going to have a bad time. A large conversation with many users tweeting at each other quickly becomes muddled, and it becomes unclear who is talking to whom, and who said what, when. Instead of placing the handle in the tweet itself, it’ll be above the tweet, making it easier to follow the conversation. When it comes to users interacting with you on Twitter, you can more easily keep the discussion going.

Retweets are also much more convenient. Perhaps most importantly, you can now retweet yourself. This practice has been avoided thus far to prevent spammers from taking over a timeline. However, Twitter knows that individuals and companies alike put thought into their tweets, and therefore want said tweets to be seen. Being able to retweet yourself allows you to put your message in front of more eyes, especially if you do so when Twitter is most active. No word on how spammers will be handled, though.

The Future of Twitter

With so much turmoil in their recent history, Twitter has seen a drop in active users. They recently won a contract to livestream Thursday Night Football from the NFL in efforts to bring in more tweeters. With these new changes, in addition to other user friendliness improvements, Twitter says they are seeing an increase in users staying active.

These new changes will be rolling out soon, and businesses should be ready to take full advantage of them. If you struggle with Twitter and other social media as it is, adapting to new rules can be daunting. The good news is, you don’t have to face it alone. EverSpark Interactive is an Atlanta SEO company that knows how to get your message in front of those who need to see it. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about the services we have to offer.