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Twitter Introduces New Brand Pages

We’re all aware of Facebook Brand pages – and with all the buzz surrounding the new Timeline rollout, we got to thinking –  even Google+ has pages for businesses, and Pinterest doesn’t need a special page – you just like it to your brand Twitter and you are all set. We decided that there’s one social network not to be ignored during all of this hullabaloo: Twitter! The popular microblogging platform FINALLY hopped on the bandwagon with its new enhanced Twitter brand pages.


Twitter’s Latest Brand Pages

The new page was launched to a select group of 21 brands in December, including Nike, Coca-Cola, Paramount Pictures, McDonalds, Disney, and more. As of February they expanded to NPR, NBC News, Volkswagen, The Huffington Post, and others.

What are these new and improved changes you ask?

There are a few simple, but important changes that Twitter has made to the classic profile to enhance the experience for brands.

For one, there is now a large banner that stretches across the entire screen of a brand page. This banner can be customized to the any of the brand’s needs.

There is also a “featured tweet” option now. This allows a brand to keep an important tweet at the top of their brand page, regardless of when it was tweeted. Many brands have chosen to tweet a picture or video that is already expanded (via the new Twitter layout) in the Twitter Timeline.

General Electric used the top tweet feature to show a photo of a submission from their “What Works” campaign.

How Are Brands Utilizing These New Changes?

According to Twitter’s blog, the new features will be advantageous for brands. The pages are accessible to any Twitter user, and no other company’s ads will appear on a Twitter brand page. You can now integrate outside advertising into the page easier with the banner top tweet feature. This will drive traffic to the brand’s most important or most recent campaign or promotion. Also, brands will now be able to link users to their Twitter page by using there Twitter handle (ie. @eversparkSEO). (This feature seems to be something you could already do on Twitter on any page.)

Some brands have already utilized the brand pages in a big way. Both Intel and HP used the top tweet feature to stream a live concert from their Twitter brand page. Already brands are using these pages in any creative way they can. According to Adam Bain (Twitter’s Chief Revenue Officer),  “The question for each one of these marketers is what is the interesting, compelling, provocative content that they can be putting out to a larger audience to keep that engagement high.”  The main goal for brands will be to produce content that interests their followers and is a competitive advantage for them.

What about Small Businesses?

There seems to be a big catch though. There is a common pattern among all of these brand pages. They are all big name brands. According to, in order for a brand to qualify for Twitter brand pages they must already be spending at least $25,000 in ads on Twitter. This is a hefty price for smaller brands, especially when Facebook’s brand pages are completely free.

But there is hope! Twitter brand pages are still in their early days. Chances are there will be some kind of tiered brand page system. But at the very least Twitter says that they are initiating advertising for small businesses on Twitter. Small businesses will be able to set up their accounts and start advertising quickly and easily. There is even a deal for American Express card members and merchants to give them the first shot at this. And the first 10,000 eligible card members get $100 free Twitter advertising from American Express.

 All in all, there seems to be new changes for big or small businesses happening on Twitter. Question is will you add this to your portfolio of social media business pages/advertising too? Let us know and comment below!

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